The Big Idea with Youssef Taleb

Tell us a little about yourself

I went to the American school in Casablanca, Morocco where I grew up nurturing my passion for technology by spending nights hacking into my friends’ computers instead of reading Steinbeck’s novel. Going to a small community minded school allowed me to develop my passion in a comfortable environment.

I decided to continue my studies at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Going to University in a different part of the country than the one I grew up in opened my eyes in a lot of ways. Not only did I discover a new part of my country, but I also met people that I would have never come across given my sheltered life in Casablanca. In college at Al Akhawayn, I met some extremely skilled computer geeks who had never spent a day in the classroom. Seeing the potential in these Moroccans opened my eyes and enabled me to see the potency in Morocco’s tech industry.

After three years in Ifrane, I felt like I could use a change of scenery. Although the transition from a calm and remote mountainous town to London’s boisterous and eclectic life-style seemed mind boggling at first, I knew I needed a challenge. This is why I decided to transfer to Regent’s. Regent’s made it smooth and easy for me to fit in and evolve as a professional. My time spent in London was both valuable and enjoyable especially as I look back at it as being the birthplace of my soon to be life-consuming project. The idea of a projection tablet came after many sleepless nights. For four months I was dedicated to being a student and at the same time attempted to turn my dream into a tangible product. However, I soon realized that taking a leave of absence would be a healthier option. I decided to return home to Morocco to found Provok Development. I strongly believe in Morocco's tech sector, and I think that with a slight push and some guidance things could go a long way for this industry. Hence, developing and commercializing the worlds first “Projection” Tablet is an idea that I would only bring to life in my country.

What’s the big idea?

The big idea is to create a tablet specifically designed for business environments in which a mini-projector and laser keyboard are embedded in. The tablet is meant to disrupt the way businesses make presentations. Its inbuilt mini projector makes it possible to project any content on a wall, while the laser keyboard technology turns any surface into a touch keyboard. It is also equipped with a stylus remote making it ideal for presentations.

In order to satisfy business professional needs, the tablet comes with a series of applications that are exclusive to the brand. Such include a business card scanner, concierge services and many other new features, which are too soon divulge to the public yet. To complement the entire project, I have worked hard with designers to turn it into a modern and elegant tablet that can not only complement its functions, but also render it as “sexy” for the user. With its black anodized aluminum alloy, it reflects the image of the accomplished businessman.

We are preparing a crowd funding campaign to be launched in the coming months on ‘Indiegogo’. In order to ensure its success, we need to build an audience, and hence, really count on the support of our family, friends, colleagues, and the entirety of the Regent’s community! Pledge for a great reward and continue to like and share!

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

Risk taking is second nature to me. I’ve always been very passionate about business and have always had a deep drive to turn my vision into reality.

However, what motivates me most about being an entrepreneur is creating something out of nothing, making the intangible tangible. I look at challenges as moments of realization that give me the energy to keep going and growing even stronger every day. I think this process provides a sense of fulfillment, guidance and structure, which I have had a hard time finding in any other potential career. I also believe that entrepreneurs have the ability to innovate, change and create jobs and contributing by such means to the general good comes very naturally to me.

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