New and improved IT Centre

On your return from the Christmas break you may have noticed some significant changes to the IT Centre (located in Jebb Basement).

As well as the more obvious layout changes, the Information Systems (IS) Department has also introduced new and improved thin client virtual desktop technology in order to enhance the student IT experience and provide the following benefits:

Improved functionality

24-inch wide screens feature a superior and brighter picture quality plus a vastly improved sound quality when using headphones.

Improved Methods for Upgrades & Software Installs

Centralised one time software installations and upgrades makes this process quicker and easier resulting in minimum disruption for students.

Increased security

No student profiles or files are stored locally on the thin client.

Increased efficiency

Resources are allocated and shared according to the specific requirements of each virtual desktop, meaning a faster, more efficient Student PC experience. Any changes made to the virtual desktop during a session are erased when the student logs out, meaning the next student to log on receives a clean, fully functional virtual desktop.

Improved performance

Anti-virus scanning is off-loaded to a virtual agent at the 'hyper visor' level instead of consuming a large amount of resources on the local physical PC, improving the performance of the virtual desktop for the student. 

Improved resilience

A faulty or damaged thin client can be replaced much faster than a physical PC as there are fewer parts and no need to re-image.

Energy saving

Power consumption on a thin client is a fraction of that used by a PC so we are saving the planet too!

New open plan layout

The new open plan layout has allowed for an additional 14 seats (8 workstations and 6 laptop stations) in the IT Open Access Area, offering students additional services and space.

Newly located IT Centre reception

Students and Staff - By moving the IT Support Desk to a more prominent position within the IT Centre these resources are more readily available to staff and students whilst the open counter service makes the staff more approachable and easier to find.

Newly located reprographics room

The Reprographics Room has been moved from Tate Basement to Jebb (previously ITC 1), in order to fully incorporate it into the facilities available in the IT Centre.