Visiting Professorship awarded to Christina Richards

Regent’s University London is delighted to award a Visiting Professorship to Professor Christina Richards.

Professor Richards is the Chair of the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology and the Editor of Counselling Psychology Review. She is also the Lead Consultant Psychologist & Head of Research at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

“Personally I am delighted that Regent’s has awarded a Visiting Professorship to Christina Richards,” commented Martin Milton, Professor of Counselling Psychology.

“Professor Richards is an internationally respected scholar with significant contributions to the fields of Counselling Psychology and Gender & Mental health, fields that Regent’s has long been involved in. This award should facilitate innovative and productive developments in research, teaching and the profession of counselling psychology.”

Professor Richards is Chair of the 2018 revision committee to the 2012 BPS Guidelines and literature review for psychologists working therapeutically with sexual and gender minority clients.

On being awarded a Visiting Professorship, Richards said: “I am delighted to have been appointed Visiting Professor of Gender and Mental Health at Regent’s”.

“I hope to work closely with the University on the professional progression of psychologists, as well as the diversity and mental health matters which have been the bulk of my academic and clinical work.

“Regent's is a highly regarded University with an impressive ethos of both philosophy and student experience. It is a real honour to have been offered this opportunity to collaborate and develop these fields.”

Regent’s looks forward to Professor Richards’ association with the University and the DPsych programme in particular, and the opportunity staff and students will have to meet her in public or at programme specific lectures and through the extension of research opportunities.