Research Degrees staff profiles

If you wish to undertake a PhD at Regent’s, it is important to identify key staff who have detailed knowledge of your chosen subject area, and will be able to help you and ultimately supervise you to successful completion.

For detailed information on each staff member please visit their online profile.

Business & Management

Dr Elias Boukrami BSc MSc PhD

Emerging markets finance, oil and gas trade management, the effect of various types of derivatives uses on organisations’ risks profiles. I am also interested in non-conventional banking such as Islamic Banking and whether its current application is an alternative to conventional banking or just an extension of it.

Professor Zubin Sethna MSc PhD

Entrepreneurial Marketing; Interplay between Marketing, Entrepreneurship, & Ethnicity; SME Beliefs and Attitudes; Measurement of Implicit Entrepreneurial Cognition; Retailing in Emerging Economies. 

Dr Christos Kallandranis BSc MSc PhD

Macroeconomics focusing on money and capital markets, market imperfections and asymmetric information, economics of security, fiscally induced migration, FDI.

Professor Jonathan Wilson BSc MBA PhD DLitt

Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Digital and Social Media; Popular, National, Regional and Business Culture; Leadership and Management; Race and Ethnicity; Halal/Islamic/Muslim, Kosher, Christian, Vegan business and consumerism; Sport, Music, Food, Fashion, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Peter Sharp BA, MSc, PhD

Knowledge, skills and creativity in the knowledge economy; knowledge management; learning in organisations; life coaching; mentoring/supervision in higher education.

Dr Jacob H Schmidt MSc, PhD

Dr Jacob H Schmidt is an academic and investment professional. He is the CEO of SRPL, the Chief Investment Analyst at NLPFM and a Senior Lecturer in Finance at Regent's University London. He gained his PhD for research on the role of speculators in major market crashes at the University of Graz under the supervision of Professors Stefan Karner, Roland Mestl and Richard Sturn.  

His academic research is based on his 30 year experience and expertise as a portfolio manager, derivatives trader and analyst. He is in particular interested in the valuation of financial assets (listed, non listed and OTC), financial crises (1929, GFC, etc) and portfolio theory and practice. He specialses in emerging markets, hedge funds and trading vehicles. His research is quantitative and qualitative. He is a post-Keynesian in the tradition of Hyman Minsky.  

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Liberal Arts & Humanities

Professor Tom Villis MA MPhil PhD

Religion and politics, anti-parliamentary and elitist ideas in British culture, and the intellectual origins of fascism.

Mireille Hebing BSc PhD

The field of migration and refugee studies, including the politics of asylum, asylum and immigration policy, theories of migration and forced migration, researching refugees, especially participatory methodologies. Discourses surrounding the integration and settlement of new migrants in Britain and the EU.

Neven Andjelic BA MA DPhil

International relations, nationalism, identity, human rights, humanitarian interventions, European studies, media and popular culture.

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