Research Degrees staff profiles

If you wish to undertake a PhD at Regent’s, it is important to identify key staff who have detailed knowledge of your chosen subject area, and will be able to help you and ultimately supervise you to successful completion.

For detailed information on each staff member please visit their online profile.

Business & Management

Professor Jonathan Liu BSc MA

Comparative strategic management practice in areas of inter-disciplinary business management and integrative requirements of business processes and functional activities, the innovation and entrepreneurship practices of managers in corporate organisations and establishing how best practice performance and measurement can be conducted and disseminated, areas of strategic deployment for management development including quality and productivity management, gender issues relating to women in management, developments in SME managerial capability and the management of technology.

Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci BA, PhD

International marketing, transnational consumer behaviour, transnational marketing strategies, segmentation, mobile consumers; ethnic marketing, remittances, digital piracy, marketing of business schools in Britain, transnational mobility, migration, ethnic segregation and labour markets, conflict.

Professor John Egan PGCE MBA PhD

Relationship marketing, marketing communication, direct and digital marketing, political marketing.

Dr Elias Boukrami BSc MSc PhD

Emerging markets finance, oil and gas trade management, the effect of various types of derivatives uses on organisations’ risks profiles. I am also interested in non-conventional banking such as Islamic Banking and whether its current application is an alternative to conventional banking or just an extension of it.

Dr Zubin Sethna MSc PhD

Entrepreneurial Marketing; Interplay between Marketing, Entrepreneurship, & Ethnicity; SME Beliefs and Attitudes; Measurement of Implicit Entrepreneurial Cognition; Retailing in Emerging Economies. 

Prof Gianfranco Vento BSc MSc PhD

Microfinance; banking regulation; liquidity and treasury management of banks; risk management; interbank market; credit guarantee institutions and SME finance; banking in developing countries; and environmental finance.

Dr Motasam Tatahi BSc MSc PhD

Macroeconomics, performance (efficiency, productivity and growth) studies with applications to various private and public sectors producers of goods and services, industrial economics,  military expenditure, econometrics, panel data analysis, labour studies, income inequality, globalisation, foreign direct investment, innovation, information and communication technology.

Dr Christos Kallandranis BSc MSc PhD

Macroeconomics focusing on money and capital markets, market imperfections and asymmetric information, economics of security, fiscally induced migration, FDI.

Dr Simon O’Leary BSc PGCHE MBA PhD CDipAF

Entrepreneurship education, employability and family business.

Dr Seyedeh A. H. Tabaghdehi BA MSc PhD

Time-series analysis, modelling non-stationary time series, cointegration and exogeneity, market structure and competition analysis, energy market efficiency, price analysis, arbitrage and market equilibrium study.

Dr John Thorp BSc MBA PhD

Mathematical theory of distributions which determine the market pricing of jump risk, term risk, and tail risk (popularly known as black swan risk); the empirical application of the pricing theory to credit derivatives, the dynamic term structure of the yield curve, the dynamic properties of the forward volatility curve, with ultimate aim the definition of the trading, investing and risk management strategies that these instruments affect; research extension to the use of pricing theory to the finding of better measures for the control of macro-prudential risk, when applied in VaR (Value at risk) and other portfolio models by the banks  and the central policy authorities.

Dr Assia Rolls BA M Ed PhD

Adult second language acquisition, teacher education and teacher development in higher education. Intercultural communication, internationalisation of the curriculum and transnational studies. 

Liberal Arts & Humanities

Professor John Nuttall MA PhD ADipPsy DipCouns UKCPreg

Psychotherapy Integration, the therapeutic relationship, and organisation theory and the use of psychotherapy theory in understanding organisational behaviour. The effective provision of psychotherapy and counselling in the community – clinical outcomes and measures and community access to psychological therapies. Advanced integrative practice.

Dr Elaine Kasket BA MA Psy.D FHEA

The various interfaces between counselling psychology and professional practice, death/dying, and digital age technologies, bereavement in the digital era. 

Professor Neil Martin MA PhD

The psychology of smell and taste, especially the effect of ambient olfactory stimulation of mood, cognition, psychophysiology and social behaviour; the psychology of humour; individual differences in learning style and perception of  others; perceptions and misperceptions of psychological science.

Professor Tom Villis MA MPhil PhD

Religion and politics, anti-parliamentary and elitist ideas in British culture, and the intellectual origins of fascism.

Professor Yossi Mekelberg BA MA

Revolutions as an international phenomenon, Middle Eastern affairs and US foreign policy, international negotiations.

Mireille Hebing BSc PhD

The field of migration and refugee studies, including the politics of asylum, asylum and immigration policy, theories of migration and forced migration, researching refugees, especially participatory methodologies. Discourses surrounding the integration and settlement of new migrants in Britain and the EU.

Desa Markovic BA MSc DPsych

Psychosexual therapy, case studies in couple and family therapy, qualitative research methods, in particular discourse analysis and narrative analysis.

Neven Andjelic BA MA DPhil

International relations, nationalism, identity, human rights, humanitarian interventions, European studies, media and popular culture.

Amy Harrison MPsy PhD DClinPsy

Social emotional functioning in eating disorders, emotional recognition and regulation, social anhedonia and work and social functioning in people with eating disorders, as well as people who are in recovery from the illness. Eye contact and non-verbal communication in people with eating disorders.

Marina Rachitskiy BA MSc PhD

Social and Forensic Psychology, with a particular interest in antisocial youth. Mainstream adolescents, exploring the factors affecting antisocial and pro-social behaviours and tendencies. How the experiences of adolescents can predict antisocial behaviour and cooperation with authorities. Social perception of vigilante behaviour and vigilante tendencies among adolescents. Educational Psychology, student engagement and experience.