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Regent’s Careers: a lifelong service for all alumni

As a Regent’s graduate, you have life-long access to professional careers support in the Regent’s Hive. We offer a wide range of online resources including VoIP (e.g. Skype) appointments to help you in your job search, wherever you are. These include advice sheets, videos and self-assessment tools. All this is accessible 24/7/365 on Student Hub to alumni just like when you were a student. 

The future is now! 

The future is now! 
Sometimes it happens so fast and you’ve graduated, but you’re not sure about your career direction. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal not to have all the answers just yet. Now is the time to think carefully about what you’d like to do. All the resources of the Regent’s library and careers service are still available to help you in your search. Do some research – explore sectors, companies and roles to see what might be right for you. Don’t rush - research, plan - and then act. 
Boost your employability and recruitability. If you don’t find a job immediately, there are many other activities you could consider to improve your career prospects. You could volunteer, do an internship or undertake further study. Postgraduate study at Regent’s is discounted for alumni and could help you gain specialist skills that give you the edge in the competitive job market. 
Build up your networks. Alumni events, such as Regent’s Club meetings, are a great way to connect with your fellow alumni, so is becoming active in a careers circle. It’s your opportunity to enrich both your professional and social life. 
Be your own boss 
Or, perhaps working for someone else isn’t your dream? Becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business can be tough but is often highly rewarding. Our entrepreneurial co-working space in The Hive offers the perfect environment to share ideas and collaborate within like-minded alumni. 
We also provide one-to-one enterprise coaching, with specialist advice and mentoring available to support you with your business venture. 
The Start-up Visa scheme allows Regent’s University London graduates from outside the EU/EEA to remain in the UK for up to two years to develop an entrepreneurial business. You can find more information in our Start-up endorsement guide and then get started by filling out the application form available through the online Student Hub.
All this and more – in The Hive 
The Hive is the place to go for careers education, information, advice and guidance to equip you with strong career planning, management and entrepreneurial skills. 
As well as individual support, The Hive gives you access to a range of online resources, employer events, sector-specific masterclasses and enterprise support. To book a VoIP, telephone or personal appointment, visit the Student Hub or call +44 (0)20 7487 7419. 
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Applications and interviews 
Applications. Many employers ask for a CV and covering letter in response to an internship or vacancy, while others require you to complete an application form. 
These can be several pages long and take a considerable amount of time, attention and concentration to complete correctly. They are a way of ensuring that candidates are compared and rated against each other using the same criteria. 
What do employers want to see? However you make your application, it’s important that it shows: 

  • A genuine interest and understanding of the sector, company and role you are applying for. 
  • A clear statement of how your skills and experience match the job criteria, with examples. 
  • Good presentation, language, spelling and grammar. 

Be succinct and make distinct points. What makes you stand out from other candidates? 
Interviews. So your hard work in making the application has paid off, and on paper or online, the company feels you would make a good candidate for the position. This is a great opportunity, so do yourself justice by preparing thoroughly. 
Understanding what the interviewer is looking for and trying to convey your abilities, knowledge and experience can be challenging. We can help you with techniques for evidencing your message in an interview. 
For example, the STAR method can help you to answer competency (skills), hypothetical and strength-based questions (you can find details on the Student Hub). We can guide you on how to structure your responses to that all-important question: ‘Tell me about yourself’? 
As well as preparing for likely questions, make sure that you have done your background research thoroughly and can explain what interests you about the company and the role.