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Regent's Connect

A portfolio of language, cultural and cross-cultural elective modules available to Regent's students

Regent’s Connect is a portfolio of language, cultural and cross-cultural elective modules available to the student community at Regent’s University London.

They provide students with the opportunity to develop foreign language skills, cultural agility and internationalism; whilst enhancing and personalising their professional profile. Experiential learning and innovative pedagogy are an integral part of this portfolio. For more information about these modules you can consult the Student Handbook.

Regent’s Connect modules can be taken as electives (for credit) in those programmes that currently allow for that option. Please, check with your Head of Programme or consult your programme handbook.

Why choose a Regent's Connect Module ?

  • Connect Modules are designed to broaden your education, enhance your CV and give you those extra attributes employers are often looking for
  • You will gain valuable life skills such as the ability to communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries, you will develop resilience and self-awareness
  • In an increasingly interconnected world, knowledge of a foreign language can facilitate transactions and provide skills which are crucial for success in a multicultural environment
  • Cultural sensitivity and intelligence will enable you to have more rewarding social interaction with people who have a different identity from your own and increase your global career prospects

List of Modules

Level 4 (Year 1) modules

Level 5 (Year 2) modules

Level 6 (Year 3/4) modules

Level 7 (Postgraduate) modules

How can I enrol?

I have space for electives in my programme of study and I wish to take a Regent’s Connect module for credit

I have already chosen all my electives, but I wish to learn or improve a language outside my degree

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