Enterprise support services

Our experts in the Careers & Business Relations department are here to help. We will support your ambition by providing tailored business and start-up advice, helping you to make the right connections to establish a successful enterprise of your own.

How we can help:

  • Provide access to experienced business people
  • Help research the target market
  • Direct you to relevant expertise and information
  • Advise on the pitfalls to avoid
  • Help to build a strong personal brand
  • Provide coaching in developing the right attitude and skills
  • Assist in creating a distinct style and collaterals that enable you to stand out from your competitors
  • Advise on professions that are traditionally structured around independent, freeelance or sub-contracted supply models

To find out more, contact the Careers & Business Relations department on +44 (0)207 487 7419 or email careers@regents.ac.uk