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Regent's Business Forum events

Networking events are held three times per semester and generally on a Thursday, between 18:00 to 20:00. The RBF events are fully accredited for CPD.

To register for the Regent's Business Forum, please email your request and details to or contact Kaye Foskett Director of RBF directly.

About the forum

At Regent's University London, we believe in the importance of business insights at faculty level as much as at student level, and the Regent’s Business Forum (RBF) offers an opportunity for this kind of knowledge transfer through lecture sessions at various intervals throughout the academic year.

The main aims of the Regent's Business Forum (RBF) are to build bridges between business professionals and Regent’s academic staff and students, and, to link industry practice with academic knowledge.

We value the involvement of our members to attend our guest lectures, to network with fellow members, our academic staff, and our students. We also welcome presentations from RBF members on topics from their particular industry, or to advise and support our students on their projects, or to observe student's presentations, thus enhancing the learning experience of our students. We also welcome any opportunities for student placements in any of our RBF members companies.

The RBF has strong links with other departments in Regent’s University which includes, our Careers & Business Relations department, which is responsible for providing a comprehensive service to all Regent's  students and alumni. It is responsible for centrally handling all career service and employability functions for the University. This department supports our RBF members by securing appropriate Regent’s graduates for any employment opportunities they may have.

To support our members we have developed a research site entitled Regent’s Business Forum Paper Series – ‘Thought Leadership’. The aim of which is to lead the conversation among, business executives, other thought leaders, and Regent’s academics, to improve the practice of management and its impact in a changing global world.

The RBF serves as learning and teaching point, for all that attend and we look forward to meeting you at the next event.

Please contact Kaye Foskett if you wish to have any additional information about the RBF.


Past Regent's Business Forum Events

Emotional Resilience

05 Feb 2014

A collaborative event with The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Our guest speaker Rob Archer is chartered Occupational Psychologist with 16 years' experience across public and private sectors.
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Surviving in the competitive world of music

20 Nov 2013

Our guest speaker for this event is Corinne Morris, a classical musician and self-made entrepreneur who will present a brief history of her experiences in the competitive world of music.
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Does HR box below its weight?

30 May 2013

For those with an interest in Organisational Development and business optimisation, David Evans leads a discussion about the HR function and its image within the corporate world.
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How to stay strong in the face of change

25 Apr 2013

If you relocated from another country to study in the UK, if you changed job, got married, or even moved house whether you love or hate change, join us on Thursday 25 April 2013.
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How buyers and suppliers around the world do business

06 Dec 2012

Speaker: James Hardy, director of International Business Development & Marketing for
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Social media: Getting your message out

31 Oct 2012

Speaker, Graham Aikin has spent 9 years in various relationship management roles in the private banking industry (primarily as a Senior Private Banker with Coutts & Co)
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Implementing Strategy: The Acid Test of Success

27 Sep 2012

Professor David Wilson, BA, MA, PhD, FBAM, AcSS
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The History and Reality of Modern Day Leadership

10 May 2012

Duncan Christie Miller. Managing Director, Christie-Miller Ltd
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Language and Culture in Global Business

23 Feb 2012

Business today is a global affair and along with the opportunities come many challenges.
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International Trade: How the "Knowledge Deficit" is hampering Britain's Trade with Africa and Beyond

24 Nov 2011

Special Networking Meeting & Reception with Mark T. Jones
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Two Speed World: Managing the Velocity and Impact of Change

12 May 2011

Panel Speaker: Gerald Ashley, Managing Director, St. Mawgan & Co Host-moderator: Dr Simon O’ Leary, Lecturer in Strategy, New Busi ness & Entrepreneurship, Regent's College.
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Corporate Governance: Bad Boards, Fat Directors?

10 Mar 2011

You experienced the crash. You’ve read the revised Code, the Walker Review and the Turner Report, but what’s actually changed? Now get the inside story.
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The Third Sector 2011: Overview, Emerging Trends & Implications

13 Jan 2011

Panel Speakers: Alex Murdock, Jonathan Jewell, and Lane Bednash
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