How to stay strong in the face of change

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If you relocated from another country to study in the UK, if you changed job, got married, or even moved house whether you love or hate change, join us on Thursday 25 April 2013.

Speaker: Ilaria Vilkelis

  • coaching approach to adapting effortlessly to a life of seemingly constant turmoil.
  • Are you afraid or excited by change?
  • Why do some people thrive on change while others resist it for as long as they can?
  • Is it really true that people fear change?

In this highly interactive evening you will have the opportunity to learn and practice a simple, yet powerful model, that helps you reflect on how change affects us and how we can ease its impact.

Experienced executive coach Ilaria Vilkelis will share her practical approach in working with people who face important transitions in their personal and professional lives.

By the end of the evening you will be able to:

  • Gain insights on why some changes may cause you upset while others don’t bother you at all or are actually exciting
  • Ease the repercussions of unexpected and unwanted changes at home and at work
  • Have a step-by-step methodology to support colleagues, clients and loved ones facing difficult times with change in their lives

A former management consultant, Ilaria Vilkelis is an executive coach and meeting facilitator with over ten years of experience in the international arena. Her client list includes organizations such as IMD, the Lausanne based Business School and The Ken Blanchard Company. When pressure mounts, when major changes are looming, stakes are high and decisions are complex Ilaria is the coach of choice. Ilaria brings to her audience an unusual mix of life experience and extensive professional qualifications. A Law Graduate she received her MBA from Bocconi University in her native Italy. She is an NLP Certified Coach, Trainer as well as a LAB Profile Consultant among others. While her professional life started in the realm of banking, finance and wealth management (UBS, American Express) she transitioned to management consulting (Booz Allen & Hamilton) and later into leadership training and coaching. A multi-times expatriate, Ilaria has experienced first-hand the challenges of dealing with major changes as well as quickly adapting and re-adapting to different cultures and life circumstances.

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