Leadership Lab Special Interest Group

The Leadership Lab is a Regent’s SIG (Special Interest Group) which brings together scholars and practitioners with shared interest on issues surrounding Leadership.

Leadership focuses on two vital features of all organisations, societies, interest groups, communities and families, namely Leaders - the people, and Leading - the act.

Leadership is a social phenomenon and exists in some form or other wherever groups come together to engage in a shared activity. Leaders arise and leaders are appointed. There has rarely been such a focus on leadership as there is today. This is evident in the way leaders are placed under such close scrutiny and in part because of the complex nature of the problems we expect them to solve.

Trying to make sense of leadership is a full-time occupation for some but ultimately it impacts on everyone. The Leadership Lab provides a forum for Regent's staff and students as well as those outside the University with an interest in contributing or finding out more to come together to share in the study and practice of leadership.

It's agenda is to work across contexts - politics, business, sport, religion, education, community, NGOs, family, entertainment, and culture. It also aims to gain new perspectives by working across disciplines - political science, psychology, business and organisational studies, history, psychotherapy, music, theatre, biology, philosophy, etc. 

The Leadership Lab will provide a focus for a regular number of initiatives for those interested in different aspects of leadership and will consider suggestions from any quarter.

  • Public debates on topics of general interest where everyone can have their say.
  • Symposia where those engaged in research or leadership development can showcase their thinking or their practice International conferences that bring together key thinkers from across the world.


  • Anton Baumont

  • Eric CHan

  • Noemi Sadowska

  • Angels Trias-i-Valls

  • Isabel Canto de Loura

  • Maria Charalambous

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