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Bank Crises Resolutions in Europe

11 May 2017

This seminar analyses the functioning of the BRRD since its implementation.
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Inaugural Wealth Management Forum 2016: “The Implications of Negative Interest Rates and Low Liquidity for Wealth Management”

04 May 2016

This event is an opportunity for academics, students and industry practitioners to discuss current trends in wealth management and to network with peers from the industry.
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International Academic Conference on Economics, Finance and Energy

15 Apr 2016

The Centre for Banking & Finance will hold the International CBF Annual Conference at Regent's University London.
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From Bank Bails-Out to Bail-in: Where is the impact?

13 Apr 2016

Professor Aldwyn Cooper, Professor Gianfranco Vento and Andrea Enria discuss the impact of modern banking.
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Impact investments in the perspective of governments and institutions

26 Mar 2015

The Regent's Centre for Banking and Finance is pleased to announce the upcoming seminar on Social Impact Investments.
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Conference on Perspectives and Challenges of the Banking Union

18 Mar 2014

The Centre for Banking and Finance (CBF), Regent's University London announces the Conference: "Perspectives and Challenges of the Banking Union".
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