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Gianfranco Antonio Vento is Professor of Banking and Finance at Regent’s University (London, UK), Director of the Centre for Banking and Finance and member of the Academic Senate.

Previously, he was the Deputy Director of the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies. Since 2009 he has been a member of the scientific board of the Italian Agency for Microcredit (a government body created to foster microfinance in Italy) and a member of the Academic Advisory Board of ‘The Microfinance Association’ in the UK.

Professor Vento has more than a decade of experience in conducting training courses, research and consultancy in banking, banking regulation and microfinance.



Gianfranco Vento (Director)

Elias Boukrami

John Dimandopoulos

Christos Kallandranis

Nnamdi Obiosa

Jacob Schmidt

Motasam Tatahi

John Thorp

Dr S A. H Tabaghdehi



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Rosa Cocozza

Andrea Gheno

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