Members and partnerships

The Institute of Contemporary European Studies is directed by Professor John Drew with the support of distinguished Visiting Fellows, research associates, senior European experts and group partners.


iCES is linked to a series of partnership networks with the European Business Schools International (EBSI), embassies and cultural institutes. It also collaborates with the Senior European Experts group (SEE), the European Commission Representation in the UK and the European Government Business Relations Council.

Senior European Experts Group

The SEE consists of six former UK Ambassadors to the EU, former senior officials in EU institutions (including the former Secretary General of the Commission, Lord Williamson) and others who have worked in a senior position in or with EU institutions. 

Expertise on contemporary Europe

The SEE has no party-political affiliation. As an independent group, it makes its Briefing Notes available to the European Movement, the All-Party EU Parliamentary Group and to others interested in European affairs.

SEE members

  • Sir Colin Budd
  • Mr Graham Avery
  • Sir Michael Butler [Chairman]
  • Lord Robin Butler
  • Sir Brian Crowe
  • Sir David Elliott
  • Sir Michael Franklin
  • Mr Robert Jackson
  • Sir John Grant
  • Lord David Hannay
  • Lord Michael Jay
  • Lord John Kerr
  • Sir Michael Palliser
  • Sir Emyr Jones Parry
  • Sir Stephen Wall
  • Mr Michael Welsh
  • Lord David Williamson

The Senior Experts group produces papers on contemporary European issues drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience of its members. The Senior Experts group has an archive of papers at the European Movement site and they publish position papers with the European Movement and with iCES.

Briefing notes and papers

European Business Schools International (EBSI)

EBSI is a network of European Business Schools that includes the European Business School Paris, the European Business School London, the European Business School Madrid, the European Business School Dublin, Munich Business School, the International School of Management Dortmund, the European Business School Riga – the Baltic Russian Institute and the European Business School Kaliningrad.

Eurointelligence is a specialist internet-based service for economic news and analysis of the euro area, and a debating platform.

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