Transnational Marketing research at RCTS

Transnational Marketing is a relatively understudied area. Thus the Regent's Centre for Transnational Studies promote and pioneer research in this field.

Transnational Marketing Research

Transnational Marketing can be briefly defined as marketing transnationally, that is other than within the borders of one’s nation and marketing products or services which can originate from anywhere and largely oblivious to differences in national markets yet taking into account the cultural and linguistic differences as well as drawing upon multiple reference points and benefiting from synergies among multiple territories, cultures, and other groupings (Sirkeci, 2013: vii).

RCTS organises and hosts academic and industry events on Transnational Marketing as well as a regular series of seminars since 2011; Transnational Marketing Seminars programme.

The 2015 programme will include the Academy of Marketing B2B SIG colloquium on B2B Marketing in Transnational Context co-chaired by Dr Kaouther Kooli of Bournemouth University and Prof Ibrahim Sirkeci, Ria Financial Professor of Regent's University London in collaboration with the Academy of Marketing B2B Marketing Special Interest Group. The Colloquium date is 20 March 2015. Please click here for paper submission and registration.

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