Prof T C Melewar on the 3Rs in University Rankings

Prof T C Melewar spoke to MA International Marketing students on the importance of academic research in attracting the brightest students across all levels.

Transnational Marketing Seminars 2015 Spring term continues with an interesting talk delivered by Prof T C Melewar, Professor in Marketing and Strategy at Middlesex University Business School. Prof Melewar spoke of the importance of research in UK University rankings.

Prof Melewar emphasised "the importance of the university and the person gaining global recognition in terms of academic excellence which is way to attract the brightest students". Throughout the talk, Prof Melewar also expressed that research needs to add value to the industry, while bringing academic research forward to create maximum impact.

MA in International Marketing students also had the opportunity to question Prof T C Melewar on branding of universities and academic research. The talk touched upon areas of impactful research, university ranking systems and measures of excellence in research. Prof John Egan, Head of Department of Marketing and Strategy and Prof Ibrahim Sirkeci, Director of RCTS also joined the discussion on the direction of university and business school rankings in the UK and student perspectives in a competitive environment.JohnEgan_TCMelewar

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