Research centres

Consolidate your years of learning and experience by undertaking a research degree at Regent’s.

The learning and teaching environment for potential PhD degrees is underpinned by the six inter-disciplinary research centres based in the University. PhD students will be encouraged to get involved with the activities of the centres and to attend the relevant seminars.

Centre for Banking & Finance (CBF)

The CBF offers academics and practitioners access to the latest research on banking and finance, and the opportunity to share and discuss areas of interest. The Centre organises an annual conference and hosts events for research students and scholars. 

Institute of Contemporary European Studies (iCES)

iCES builds on the University’s research and contacts to contribute to the debate on contemporary Europe. The Institute’s seminars and briefings, including the Jean Monnet Memorial and Europe in the World annual lectures, result in the publication of iCES Occasional Papers.

Networks of Power (NOP)

NOP brings together scholars with common interests in how power relations are constructed on a national and international level. The centre forges links between academics and policymakers as well as fostering and supporting high-quality research. Our international speakers’ programme, organised and chaired by Professor Yossi Mekelberg, is a forum where some of the world’s most important political figures and diplomats engage with the academic community. 

Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology Reflections Research Centre (PCPR)

The PCPR focuses on psychological phenomena in therapy relationships. It promotes high-quality research using innovative methodologies to explore the quality of the therapeutic relationship, with particular focus on sexuality and sexual attraction in psychotherapy and counselling psychology. The Centre runs conferences, seminars and courses, including research training.

Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies (RCTS)

The RCTS focuses on the transnational phenomena that cut across the disciplinary boundaries of management, economics, sociology and other social sciences. The Centre is home to the editors of several international, peer-reviewed journals in business, management, marketing, mobility and cultural studies. It also organises research conferences and seminars and has been a hub for visiting international researchers, attracting over 40 academics in the last five years.

Regent’s Institute of Languages & Culture (RILC)

Our ongoing language teacher research project (2014-2016) has led to several conference papers and an international workshop on excellence in classroom practice. Further projects examine the role of language and culture in psychotherapy, language policy, heritage speakers in Chinese and Russian, digital and online language learning, cross-cultural management, representation of culture through the media, film semiotics, and French contemporary philosophy. 

Last updated: 07 March 2017