Working papers

The Regent's Working Papers series was launched in 2013 and is an opportunity for staff and colleagues to highlight their research work-in-progress and invite comment, prior to a potential later submission for publication in conference proceedings or an external journal.


The aim is to give staff the opportunity to develop their personal academic research profile as either an Author or as a Specialist Referee:

1. Author: Opportunity to promote staff research in the Working Papers series.

Further details are given in the Working Paper Guidelines which can be downloaded by staff from the intranet. Please contact the Editor, Professor Simon O'Leary, or Professor Jonathan Liu, the Faculty Research Leader, if you have any comments or queries, or wish to submit a paper.

2. Specialist Referee: Opportunity to act as a Specialist Referee.

Each paper will be reviewed internally by the Editor or a Specialist Referee who will have a familiarity with the field of the submitted paper. Being a Specialist Referee is a further opportunity for staff to enhance their academic research profile.









More information

Working paper guidelines and further details for staff can be found on the staff intranet (Regent's staff only).

For additional information contact Professor Simon O'Leary