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Below you'll find a variety of questions that we hope you will find useful and informative. 

We'll be regularly updating this page with the latest information and answers to your questions.

Last updated 9:15am on 29 June 2020.

Answers to your questions

Prospective Students

How will the Autumn 2020 Term be taught?

I'm a prospective student or parent and planning to start studying in Autumn 2020 and my question wasn’t answered here. Who can I speak to?

Online learning

How will the Autumn 2020 Term be taught?

What will the online learning experience be like?

How will quality be assured with online teaching for the Autumn 2020 Term?

What tools/platforms will the University be using to deliver teaching online?

What about the materials and resources I need to complete my programme?

Regent's has students all over the world. How will delivery of online learning work with a variety of time zones?

What kind of IT equipment/services will I need access to in order to study online?


How has the University made its decisions about COVID-19?


When will the University return to face-to-face teaching?

What is Regent's doing to prepare for a phased return to campus in January 2021?

What library resources will be available to me for my studies while I am studying online?


Will Regent's offer a tuition reduction for the Autumn 2020 Term?

What about access to materials or supplies required to complete my study?

What if I have difficulty paying tuition for the next academic year? What support is available to me?

What if I've already paid my deposit to start my study in Autumn 2020? Will I be able to get a refund of my deposit if I don't want to start my study online?

What if I have a Reid Hall accomodation credit from Spring 2020 Term?


Should I arrange my documents, financial statements, etc. for my visa?

How will my study online affect my Tier 4 visa?


Should I book my travel and accommodation in London for the Autumn 2020 Term? If not now, when?

How will the new UK quarantine rules affect me?

Study Abroad and Exchange

I'm scheduled to be studying at Regent's for the Autumn 2020 Term as an exchange/study abroad student. What about me?

As a current student, I'm due to go on Study Abroad in Autumn 2020. What arrangements will be made for me?

Additional support

What if I don't feel comfortable with face-to-face or online study? What are my options?

I'm a current student, who can I speak to for support?

I'm a prospective student or parent and planning to start study in Autumn 2020, who can I speak to?

What support for students will be available?