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Student Support Fund

Meaningful support for prospective students

To improve students’ wellbeing, and help as they transition to higher education, the Inner Circle Educational Trust has introduced a new support fund – designed to put you in the best position possible to advance your university education.

Access a support fund designed for future students

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Grants available

Grants available

A few packages are available to apply for:

  1. Creative package. Up to £1,000 towards UK travel, costumes, books and materials. 
  2. Travel package. Up to £1,250 towards international flights, quarantine costs, UK transfers to the Regent’s campus, COVID-19 tests and visa costs. 
  3. Tech package. Up to £2,000 towards laptop, tablet, headset/microphone, camera or second screen. 
  4. Accommodation package. £3,250 towards a 3-month stay in Urbanest, or £6,500 towards a 6-month stay. Urbanest is Regent’s accommodation partner, a short walk away in London’s St Pancras.

Who can apply?

If you have experienced financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will start your studies at Regent’s University London in September 2021, you can apply for a grant.

Financial difficulty could include: 

  • Loss of earnings (or potential earnings) 
  • Loss of family support 
  • Increased costs due to periods of self-isolation
  • Increased utility bills (such as heating or broadband) due to studying from home 
  • Increased costs where courses are extended
  • Loss of other funding for living or study-related costs

In your application, you must demonstrate your financial need. You must also show you have made realistic financial provision and have appropriate funding in place before you start your studies.

How to apply

You can apply to the Trust for a grant from the Fund using the online application form. The form will ask you for:

  • Personal information, including details of your financial situation
  • A personal statement explaining why you should be considered for a bursary and why you feel this package would benefit you
  • Consent for marketing purposes.

You can apply and be considered for multiple packages, however, if you’re successful you will only be awarded one package, which will be decided by the University following an assessment of your financial need. Future students cannot put their grant towards University tuition fees, resit fees, library fees or late payment charges. The lowest value package is £1,000 and the highest is £6,500.

After you apply, your application will be assessed by two separate panels. The first, chaired by a Regent's University London representative, will determine the applicant's eligibility for the Fund. If successful at this stage, the application will be anonymised and sent to the Inner Circle Educational Trust, where it will be assessed on the basis of financial need. If successful at this second stage, arrangements will be made to pay the bursary into the applicant's nominated account after they enrol.

Applicants will receive a response within ten working days. The panels' decision is final; however, unsuccessful applicants are still invited to complete their application with Regent's University London.

If you have any questions, please contact Maddi Courtnage, Student Achievement Officer: [email protected]

About the Fund

The Inner Circle Educational Trust has the charitable purpose of advancing education for the public benefit.

The Trust recognises that this is a challenging time for students at Regent's University London due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges are both financial, as students may see a loss of earnings or family support, and emotional, as students deal with being away from family and friends for longer periods of time.

The Student Support Fund is a discretionary charitable fund established by the Inner Circle Educational Trust, a registered charity, for students who will be studying at Regent's University London in 2021/22 who meet certain criteria. It aims to provide meaningful support to students who will commence their studies at Regent's University London in September 2021.

Support is directed towards improving students' wellbeing and to facilitate their transition into higher education so as to ensure they are in the best possible position to advance their University education. In limited circumstances, the Fund may also be accessed to support existing students to facilitate their ability to complete their course.

The Inner Circle Educational Trust is a registered charity. Charity number: 291583.