Eleni Isaakidou

Programme: MA Luxury Brand Management

Job role: Intern at Quintessentially Wine

I was working in Moscow for the Trade and Economic Department at the Spanish Embassy as my background is in International Relations. I had the opportunity to help the fashion department to organise events with leading Spanish brands. This fact influenced me to learn more about successful brands, marketing and management. After hearing about how much a friend of mine enjoyed her MA Luxury Brand Management Programme at Regent’s University London, I decided to apply for this course. 
Careers and Business Relations helped me a lot in preparing my CV and cover letters for job applications. I also attended their John Lees ‘Hidden Job Market’ seminar, as well as the ‘star stories’ and ‘CV’ workshops. I’m very grateful to my Careers Advisor for all of her hard work, advice and help with referring me to see Career Coach Gary Proctor (also the CEO at Quintessentially Wine, as well as a Mentor and Lecturer at Regent’s University London). 
An appointment with Gary gave me so much in terms of guidance and it was the starting point for me to develop my network as he explained the importance of networking and how it is helpful in the modern job market. He clearly formed key questions which helped me to better understand what I wanted to do and how I should choose a path to get my ‘dream job’.

I was on the search for an internship and had applied for the one at Quintessentially Wine over the Christmas period and was really fortunate in securing it. It helped me gain the experience and a better understanding of clients in the luxury sector as well as learn more about the industry. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and grow my network, especially with the kind support from Gary, who I'd like to thank for his professional advice and guidance. He inspired me and made me believe in myself. 
The only thing I would change if I had the chance to do it all again would be to go to the Careers and Business Relations department earlier and carry out more internships throughout the year. 
Longer term I would love to work in the Marketing/PR sector for a successful luxury brand as I am enthusiastic about having an opportunity to build a brand, with a particular focus on its marketing strategy and PR campaigns.