Vincent Tong

Programme: MSc Global Banking & Finance
Job role: Equity Data Analyst at Bloomberg

Having grown up in Hong Kong, Holland and the UK, Vincent initially graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Economics. As such, he is fluent in 5 languages: English, Dutch, German, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. After several years of employment, Vincent decided to pursue further studies and apply to study an MSc in Global Banking & Finance at EBS, Regent’s University London. Vincent was drawn to Regent’s by the course content that we offered and the standard of education he hoped to achieve.

‘The course seemed to be very specialised in the Banking and Finance sector, with small class sizes which allowed for a more focused approach to learning.  There was also a focus on bringing in Professionals to present on hot current topics, which is something that I really enjoyed and I think there should be even more of.’

Almost as soon as Vincent started his course, he sought the help and guidance of the Careers and Business Relations department.

‘I knew from experience that a lot of the big graduate schemes closed their applications as early as October – so I wanted to be as prepared as I could be.’

Vincent explained that when he graduated from Southampton in 2008 (probably the toughest time to pursue a career in finance in the UK) he had to go through a period of unemployment. He used the time to further his understanding of financial instruments and the markets by self-studying to achieve his CISI qualifications, and he was keen to be fully prepared for the employment market after completing his postgraduate qualification.

Vincent attended many of the Career Planner Workshops delivered by the Careers and Business Relations team and found them very useful in pulling together his CV and application skills.

‘The Interview Techniques Workshop was particularly useful – I found that the preparation for inevitable questions such as ‘tell us a little about yourself’ helped me no end.’

'Working with the Career Coach helped me to understand the importance of Networking and how best to interact with potential employers. Without a strategy in mind, it is so easy to say the wrong things or retrospectively find that you haven’t made the most of the opportunity. I learned to be more focused in my approach to build relationships and sell myself in the right way, so that I could really learn from those I talked to and stand out from the crowd.’

Attending events put on by the Careers and Business Relations department was also something that Vincent found invaluable.

‘The Careers and Business Relations Department organised a Finance focused one-to-one networking event in the Tuke Common Room. I found this incredibly useful to get an insight into different sectors of Finance and I made some great contacts along the way, I've kept in touch with many of them and this has led to some great opportunities which otherwise wouldn't have come my way. ’

‘I learnt about an event aimed at postgraduate students being held at Bloomberg through the Careers and Business Relations department, where I got the chance to meet and network with Bloomberg staff. I really enjoyed it, and as a result, I was asked to come in and interview for a Sales position without even having to apply! Sales wasn’t the part of the company I really wanted to work in – but I found the interview process great experience – and the feedback from it convinced me that I wanted to pursue a more technical role – and that I was keen on a career at Bloomberg!’

The Careers Advisor and Career Coach that Vincent worked with encouraged him to check the Vacancies Board on the Careers and Business Relations section of the Intranet.  Vincent applied for some of the positions on the board sourced by the Business Relations team – and was pleased to be invited for two interviews – one of them being for the role of Equity Data Analyst at Bloomberg!

Vincent then went through 5 interview rounds for the position at Bloomberg, continually supported by the Careers and Business Relations department and was offered the job!  Vincent felt that the service he received through the Careers and Business Relations department was key to both identifying the opportunity and being able to capitalise on it, ultimately leading to the start of his career in the City.

‘It was actually through the Careers and Business Relations department’s Vacancies Board that I heard about the job, and felt ready to go for it!’

‘I would highly recommend getting in touch with the Careers and Business Relations department. I believe that students really do need this exposure to potential employers in order to launch their career. The advice and assistance that the team offers are excellent and the skills you gain will be sure to remain with you throughout your professional career.’

We caught up with Vincent in the summer of 2012, and he had this update for us:

‘All is well at Bloomberg. I don't think I told you, but I took charge of our Sub-Saharan African coverage back in December. Since then it has been extremely exciting and intense driving the enhancements for our data products across the African markets. I have managed to get published in the international Bloomberg Markets magazine, given global presentations on Africa, attended conferences, spoken to African government officials, and gotten heavily involved with the business planning process in Bloomberg to formulate our direction for the next year and beyond. As part of my work, I provide regular updates to senior management around the world. It is hard work (I work 12-14 hour days), but I'm enjoying it!’