International bank transfer service

Regent’s University London has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) for processing of bank transfers from overseas.  

Students and/or their sponsors are required to get a quote in their home currency using Western Union Business Solutions. If your home currency is not available in the drop-down list, please select either US Dollars or Euro, or Pound Sterling.  

Bank details required for international bank transfers, such as IBAN number and SWIFT code will be generated in the process of obtaining the quote.   

Bank details generated depend on the currency you selected for the quote. You might need to get a quote in a different currency if bank details generated do not provide all required information for your bank to process your payment, e.g. if IBAN number or SWIFT code is missing.  

This quote is valid for 72 hours allowing you to make payment through your online banking service or at your local bank of your choice.  

If you wish, you may get more than one quote, in a different currency; they all will be valid for 72 hours. However, only one quote needs to be provided to your bank for payment, once you’ve decided which one and in what currency you would like to use.  

No banking fees are incurred from WUBS or Regent’s University London for using this service. 

For more information watch this short video.

More video information: 

If you have any queries regarding this service or your payment you can contact WU Business Solutions’ dedicated student support helpline on +44 (0) 1733 871871 or email [email protected]