for an STSV as a 'non-visa national'

If you are deemed to be a 'non-visa national', you do not need to apply for an STSV in advance before you travel to the UK. However, it is important that you bring certain types of documentation with you to show at the UK border, in order to gain an STSV stamp.

You can travel to the UK and present official documentation to immigration border officers upon arrival, where you will receive a visa stamp in your passport.

It is very important that you check the stamp you receive to ensure it is an STSV stamp and not a general visitor stamp.

To avoid being stamped as a 'general visitor', you must have the following documentation with you to present to immigration border officers:

  • Your passport
  • An offer letter from either the International Partnerships Office or English Language Centre at Regent’s University London to show that you have been accepted on to a short course which is less than six months in duration, or
  • If you are returning to re-sit an examination at Regent’s, an original letter of enrolment including the key dates of your re-sit examination from the Student Registry  
  • Evidence that you have a sufficient amount of money to maintain yourself during your stay, including living costs and tuition fees. Acceptable evidence can be either 6 months’ bank statements or payslips

If you are entering the UK on an STSV:

  • You are not permitted to work in the UK. Work is strictly prohibited. This includes any paid, unpaid or voluntary work
  • You cannot switch to any other visa category in the UK

Exchange/Study Abroad students

If you arrive to study for one term at Regent’s as part of an exchange/study abroad programme on an STSV, and then decide you wish to complete a second term at Regent’s, you will not be able to extend your current STSV inside the UK.

You must return to your country of residence and apply for a Tier 4 student visa for the second term. You cannot apply for two consecutive STSVs, this is not permitted by the UKVI.

Pre-sessional English students

If you complete a pre-sessional English course on an STSV, you must return to your home country to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa before you can continue to your degree programme.

There is an option to request a single Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) to cover the pre-sessional English course that allows you to apply for your new Tier 4 visa to study the degree-level programme from within the UK.

However, you must ensure that you fulfil the Tier 4 requirements  if you want to use this option.

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