As part of your application for a Tier 4 (General) student visa, you may need to undergo a credibility interview. These interviews are carried out by the UKVI. They are intended to help assess your intent and credibility to study in the UK. The UK Embassy in your home country will contact you to ask a series of specific questions. The interview usually takes place via Skype.

Top tips: 

  • Speak in English. The interviewer will expect you to respond to the questions in English
  • Research your course and be prepared to answer questions about what you will be studying
  • Find out about the local area and where you plan to live
  • Be prepared to explain exactly how you are funding your studies and maintenance during your stay in the UK
  • Be truthful. Being interviewed can be worrying, but try to answer the questions as honestly and clearly as you can
  • Think about your passion to study your chosen course and how it will contribute to your future career aspirations

You can find our more from our guide, Information about credibility interviews <PDF>

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