for a visa application

You must provide the following documents when making your Tier 4 visa application. It is very important to assemble all these documents before you make your application online.


You should submit any passports that you have ever used to enter the UK, if you have them.


2 x passport-sized photographs. These should be taken no more than one month before you make your application. Please check the rules for passport photos on the UKVI website before having your photo taken.

Your CAS statement

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is a document that will be given to you by Regent’s University London. It has a unique reference number linked to a record created by the University in the UKVI system, which you must use to make your visa application. You must request a new CAS for each visa application. You cannot re-use an existing CAS.

Proof of academic qualifications

Your CAS will list the qualifications you used to obtain your offer at Regent’s. You must also provide the original certificate or transcript for each of the listed qualifications and an official translation for each document that is not in English.

Proof of your English language proficiency

Your English language official test scores, if required. See English language requirements.

Proof that you meet the maintenance requirement

You must show proof that you have enough money to pay your tuition fees and a specific amount of money to cover your living expenses. See the University’s guide to Meeting Tier 4 Financial requirements <PDF>

A TB certificate

Compulsory tuberculosis testing is required for some visa nationals.

If you are submitting your Tier 4 (General) student visa application in any country listed here, you must provide a valid medical certificate by an approved medical clinic confirming you are free of tuberculosis. The certificate must be valid on the date you submit the visa application.

Failure to submit a medical certificate from an approved medical centre will result in your visa application being refused.

Immigration Health Surcharge

As part of your Tier 4 (General) student visa application, you must pay a National Health Service (NHS) surcharge. This means you will receive free health care in the UK during your studies.

If you are studying for more than 6 months, from 8 January 2018 you will need to pay £300 for each year of your studies.

You will also need to pay the surcharge if you extend your time in the UK, even if it’s for a few months.

You are exempt from paying the surcharge if you are an Australian or New Zealand national, or if you live in the Falkland Islands and are considered to be a British Overseas Territory citizen.

To pay the surcharge:

  • Visit the UKVI website to find out how much you must pay
  • Pay the charge at the payment portal, providing your passport details and email address. You will need a card to make the payment
  • Make a note of the NHS reference number that you are given
  • Enter the NHS reference number into the relevant section of the visa application form

Failure to make the payment will result in your visa application being refused by UKVI.

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