Online Language Classes

One-to-One & Private Language Classes

Programme details

  • Duration: Flexible
  • Fee: From £100


Learn a foreign language through one-to-one classes, online and in person, with our qualified native teachers here at Regent’s. We offer 1:1 tuition in nine languages:

Arabic German Russian
Chinese Italian Spanish
French Japanese  

Classes are tailored to your specific needs and level. Whether for holiday, study or professional reasons, our experienced and fully qualified native teachers will help you to develop your fluency, accuracy and confidence in your chosen language. Interacting with your teacher, you'll develop your speaking, reading, writing and/or listening skills or focus on those you may need most.

If you'd like to study the language together with a friend (whose level and needs are similar to yours) you can choose 2:1 tuition. We can also organise online courses for small groups (4-6 students) on request. Please contact us for more details.

Application process

Please email us to book the course, providing the following information:

  • The language you want to learn or improve
  • Your current level in that language (if known)
  • The number of tuition hours you're interested in
  • Your location/time zone


The foreign language online tuition fees are as follows:

1:1 (1 student + 1 teacher)

Tuition Fee
1 trial session (90 mins) £130
5 hours £420
10 hours £800

2:1 (2 students + 1 teacher)

Tuition Fee
1 trial session (90 mins) £160
5 hours £520
10 hours £1000

Small groups

Please contact us for a quote.