for Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy

Communication: Language

The aim of this module is to extend your knowledge of linguistic theory, to recognise how the concept of ‘language’ can involve embodiment and non-verbal communication as well as speech. You will develop an understanding of key themes in current language theory, insofar as they are applicable to the practice of psychotherapy.

Existence and Therapy

This module enables you to engage with a series of philosophical texts which address concerns and interests related to the practice of existential psychotherapy, rather than a settled body of doctrine. You will have the opportunity to explore how language as a means of expression is essential to the practice of psychotherapy.

Heidegger and Psychotherapy

You will make a deep exploration of Heidegger’s Being and Time in a way which brings the therapeutic nature of the text to the fore, and to examine the text’s relevance to psychotherapeutic practice.

Intersubjectivity and Relatedness Approaches

The focus of this module is to produce ethical existential practitioners who recognise their identity through an ongoing dialogue with existential-phenomenological philosophy, and through an acknowledgement of points of contact with other modalities that make up the psychotherapeutic community as a whole.

Psychopathology and Existential Therapy

You will become familiar with the main psychopathological categories of the DSM and will gain experience of developing clinical case formulations. The module provides opportunities to engage critically and constructively, from an existential perspective, with contemporary practices in the medical world.

Student-led Seminars

Students’ own writings form the content for this academic module.

The Body, Love and Sexuality

Merleau-Ponty defines perception as the situated, embodied, unreflected knowledge of the world. He wants to avoid splitting the mind off from the body or treating the body mechanistically as a mere object. This module explores the essential dimension of being in the world sexually and as lived body via an engagement with Merleau-Ponty and other philosophers.