for MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management

Oil and Gas Markets

This module provides a framework and a basic grounding for understanding the issues and problems not only in the industry itself but also in the geopolitics and geo-economics of energy. You will look at the major actors, the historical and future development of the industry, and the nature of supply and demand. You will also cover technological developments and the hunt for new reserves, issues in transportation and distribution and geopolitics and the use of gas and oil as political tools.

Refining and Shipping in the Oil and Gas Industry

You will examine the challenges faced in finding oil and gas deposits, extracting the crude hydrocarbons, and the subsequent refining and processing to produce end-use products. In addition, you will learn to understand and appraise the processes and procedures involved in the transport and distribution of oil and gas products.

Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

This module will enable you to understand, analyse and critically examine the purpose, principles and fundamental concepts of financial markets and instruments including securities markets, foreign exchange markets, bond markets and derivatives products. You will focus on investment strategies, emphasising the importance of value, risk and return, and on long term strategic financing decisions and investment appraisal techniques. Examples adopted throughout will be from the perspective of energy related corporations with specific focus on financial risks.

Oil and Gas Contracts and Regulation

Transactions and contracts form the basis for virtually all activities in the oil and gas industries. This module explores the fundamentals of oil and gas contracts and introduces specific downstream agreements and contractual pitfalls. You will explore how to minimise potential risk, and learn contractual negotiation and evaluation skills. You will also learn about contractual, legislative and regulatory compliance in both common law and other jurisdictions.

Oil and Gas Trading and Risk Management

This module will help you develop the skills you need to successfully participate in global oil and gas markets, for hedging and trading as well as management purposes.  You will gain an understanding of the relation between oil and gas risk management and operational risk, and its management, as well the accounting implications of oil and gas derivatives. A unique feature of this module is that, for one month, you will manage an oil and gas trading desk using professional tools and live data.

Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Sector

This module will provide you with a sound operational understanding of the most relevant concepts and tools to ensure the sustainability of the Oil and Gas industry both upstream and downstream, including considering relevant alternatives. It addresses the three key programme themes; Risk Management, Strategy and Adding Value. You will learn to develop environmental accountability reports and sustainability impact and risk management audits in order to help existing traditional Oil and Gas trading organizations into becoming major drivers and leading actors for change in the energy sector.


You will undertake research to produce an academic dissertation on a topic related to oil and gas trade management. This final module builds upon your learning from previous modules and offers the opportunity to apply your knowledge through research into an oil and gas trading management topic of interest, perhaps related to your future career aspirations. With the help and guidance of a supervisor you will formulate research questions, gather information, and analyse and evaluate material. Your final dissertation will communicate your findings in an appropriate academic style and offer creative solutions to complex problems.

Live Company Project

Acting in effect as a trainee management consultant in the energy sector, you will research an issue related to the trade management of oil and gas products and develop recommendations intended to benefit your client organisation and perhaps the sector as a whole. You will prepare a report that you will present to both your client and academic staff. This module builds upon your previous learning and offers the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a real working environment.