The Dean of Business & Management’s Excellence Scholarships


The Dean of the Faculty of Business & Management has established three scholarships that celebrate the University’s cosmopolitan and enterprising spirit.

Type of funding Scholarship
How many offered? 3
Reward amount

1 scholarship covering half the fees for the duration of a standard programme

2 scholarships covering a quarter of the fees for the duration of a standard programme

Level of study Undergraduate
Nationality All nationalities
Programmes Business & Management undergraduate programmes*

Applicants should achieve at least three Bs at A level (or the international equivalent)

Complete the task(s) set out in the How to apply section

Submission date Applications close midnight 31 May 2020

* For students who have commenced foundation level studies, the award will be issued when they succeed to undergraduate level.

How to apply

This scholarship is awarded through competition.

Please complete the following two tasks and submit using the application form:

1. Proof of academic achievement

To enter the competition for the 2020/21 the Dean of Business & Management’s Excellence Scholarship, you should achieve at least three Bs at A level (or the international equivalent).

You will be required to attach transcripts of your academic qualifications in the application form and also provide the original copies during enrolment. 

Essay Question: 

Please answer one of the essay questions below in no more than 1000 words and submit via the application form:

Strategies to improve creativity and innovation in SMEs
Organisations that foster creativity and innovation are more likely to succeed in a competitive business environment.  However, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with limited resources need to find other ways to foster creativity and innovation in their businesses. Discuss, with examples, effective strategies for SMEs to improve creativity and innovation while remaining commercially successful.

The opportunities and challenges of cultural intelligence in an organisation
Cultural Intelligence is a globally recognised way of assessing and improving effectiveness when managing across diverse cultures. Discuss the increasing importance of cultural intelligence in the face of new global challenges and issues of cultural adaptation for managers and organisations. Comment on the opportunities and challenges to develop the competencies of cultural intelligence in an organisation, providing examples and evidence. 

The role of physical attendance and interaction in modern day commerce
Given the many technological advances of recent years, professionals in many industries are increasingly relying on a variety of virtual and telephonic methods of communication. Assess and discuss the role which physical interaction and attendance has in modern-day commerce through the use of international meetings, conferences and events.

Sustainability and ethical issues in local and global contexts
Global warming, sustainable energies, green products, socially responsible organisations and ethical business processes have significantly gained in importance in the last two decades and often drive current debates in our media, politics and day-to-day conversations. Identify one of the current sustainable/ethical issues you have come across most recently and discuss its impact locally and globally, including a brief reflection on why it carries value for you personally.

The characteristics of an effective leader
Good leadership is key to the success of any organisation, be it small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large corporate multinationals, a family business, an NGO, or a public service organisation. Considering the current debates around leadership, discuss what characteristics would make an effective leader and offer real-life examples of leaders who you believe possess these, indicating the impact they have on their surroundings.

If your application is shortlisted 

If shortlisted, you will be invited to interview (face-to-face or Skype) to:  

  • Make a presentation on your written submission  
  • Answer questions on your presentation and your written submission 
  • Be interviewed on your general knowledge, interpersonal skills and ability to present yourself 

Application form

Applications for this scholarship are currently open. Please submit your application here.

Please email [email protected] if you require further support.