The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships


Professor Aldwyn Cooper, Vice-Chancellor of Regent’s University London, recognises and rewards three students each year who demonstrate particular commitment to upholding the University’s values and the ability to play an ambassadorial role for the University during their studies.

Type of funding 


How many offered 

Reward amount 

1 scholarship covering half the fees for the duration of a standard programme 

2 scholarships covering a quarter of the fees for the duration of a standard programme 

Level of study 



All Nationalities 


Available to all students joining undergraduate degree programmes


Applicants should achieve at least three Bs at A level (or the international equivalent)

Complete the task(s) set out in the How to apply section 

Closing date 

Applications for 2020/21 are now open

* For students who have commenced foundation level studies, the award will be issued when they succeed to undergraduate level. 

How to apply

This scholarship is awarded through competition.

Please complete the following two tasks and submit using the application form:

1.Proof of academic achievement

To enter the competition for the 2020/21 Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship, you should achieve at least three Bs at A level (or the international equivalent). 

You will be required to attach transcripts of your academic qualifications in the application form and also provide the original copies during enrolment. 

2. 1,000 word essay submission

To enter, submit a 1,000 word essay explaining how you would help Regent’s University London uphold one of the following core values: 

  • Equality, mutual respect, honesty and inclusion
  • Public benefit
  • Internationalism
  • Citizenship
  • Sustainability

The scholarship panel are looking for students with an impressive track record of upholding one of the University’s core values. This can be demonstrated through activities such as a school project, extra-curricular activity, voluntary work, work experience or an internship. 

The 1,000 word essay should be well written, in a voice showing the confidence expected from a Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholar. This confidence will need to be corroborated at interview.

If your application is shortlisted 

If shortlisted, you will be invited to interview (face-to-face or Skype) with the Vice-Chancellor and a senior member of the Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions department.

Successful candidates will need to demonstrate considerable promise in representing the University in an ambassadorial capacity at internal and external events.

Application form

Applications for this scholarship are currently open. Please submit your application here if you wish to discuss any details.

Please email [email protected] if you require further support.