Private Language Tuition

  • NamePrivate Language Tuition
  • Qualification
  • LevelLanguage Study
  • Study modePart time
  • DurationMin. 5 hours
  • Tuition fees£65 per hour *
  • ScholarshipsNo *
  • Next start date
  • Study abroadNo
  • Validation

Private language tuition is available for those who would like to improve their language skills. It is ideal for those who require a more personalised language learning experience.

You have the option of learning one-to-one with the tutor, or with one or two other students.

We offer private tuition in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

There is a minimum booking of 5 hours.

Private language tuition is the perfect option for you to learn a language at a pace which suits you.

There are no formal assessments.


If you would like to book private language tuition please let us know the following:

  • When you would like to start
  • How many hours of tuition per week you would like to have
  • Over how many weeks
  • What days/times you are available for classes
  • What existing level do you have (unless you’re a complete beginner)

Please send your answers to:

Once we have confirmed your timetable you can makde your payment here

Terms and Conditions

Our private language tuition costs £65.00 per hour, with a minimum booking of 5 hours. Ordinarily we would hold the classes here on campus, but for classes held outside Regent’s we charge a fixed travel expenses charge of £6 per session for classes within zones 1 and 2, and of £9 per session for classes within zones 3 and 4.

Participants who would like to take 2:1 or 3:1 classes need to be at the same language level. Please speak to us about your level before booking.

Fees are required before the tuition will commence. We regret that once the tuition has started fees are non-refundable. 24 hours’ notice must be given for any cancelled class. Any class not cancelled with 24 hours’ notice will still be charged for.

One to One: Tuition fee for one student per hour: £65 per hour
Two to One: Tuition fee for two students per hour: £85 per hour
Three to One: Tuition fee for three students per hour: £105 per hour


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