Intro to Interpreting & Translating

This course targets Japanese or English language learners who are interested in exploring the professional world of interpreting and translation, as well as brushing up their four language skills in both Japanese and English through practical activities.

This is a unique opportunity to learn valuable interpreting and translation techniques from an expert in the field and gain insight into the world of interpreting and translation through first-hand experience.

Through these experiences, you will understand what is required to be a professional interpreter/ translator, and discover the challenges and rewards within this field. This course will provide you with an ideal opportunity to improve all four skills of Japanese and English.

This course will be held in Japanese and is for English or Japanese learners with an advanced level of both languages (JLPT N2 upwards and IELTS 5.5 upwards). The learners will be encouraged to engage in lively discussions with fellow participants and to give presentations in both languages.

This course is part of our Evening Language Courses.