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Russian is the native language of some 150 million Russian citizens and is one of the languages of the UN. There are 300 million total speakers of Russian on our planet.

Learning Russian will open the door to Russia’s rich tradition of literature, art, culture and music. Russia is an exotic and fascinating country and it offers a lot of opportunities for foreign travellers. Learning just a little Russian will help you meet all sort of fascinating people and make the most of every moment of your visit.

We offer Russian at the following levels:

  • Beginner 1 (CEFR Level A1.1)
  • Beginner 2 (CEFR Level A1.2)

If you are unsure of your level please find a detailed description of each level as well as further information on all the courses available here.

We also offer a placement test for those unsure of their level, once completed please return to

Our courses are taught by native speakers and class sizes are typically between 6 - 15 students.

Timetables and Booking

Term date 2018

Summer Term: w/c 14 May - 2 July

Duration: 8 weeks (16 hours in total)

A course costs £180


Russian Beginner 1

Tuesdays 18:30 - 20:30

Start Date: Tuesday 15 May

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