Student spotlights

  • Shani


    What attracted me to the BA in International Business was the combination of languages and business. The opportunity to steer away from pure economics and engage in subjects more related to human interaction and dynamics, in combination with the linguistic elements, was also very relevant to my choice.

  • Sven Christen

    Sven Christen

    I wanted to study a specialised degree rather than a generic finance degree. The focus in the MSc Finance is on banking and the curriculum is moulded around that. Courses such as banking regulation, monetary policy and investment management are very focused and not something you would expect to see in another Management degree.

  • Lilach Shapira

    Lilach Shapira

    The colourful blend of people and cultures is the recipe for intellectual synergy. It is a privilege to study in such an exceptional environment and it certainly granted me with proper tools to overcome obstacles in the real world.

  • Lovisa Sheen

    Lovisa Sheen

    The chance to network and make friends with students from so many different nationalities has been brilliant. In terms of the teaching, the way the courses are structured is perfect for my style of learning. The classes are small and intimate and run by lecturers that work in industry and really know what they are talking about.

  • Anna and Maria

    Anna and Maria

    Our Study Period Abroad appeared to be a great challenge. It might be scary at the beginning but if you succeed to turn the threat into an opportunity it can be the best experience ever.

  • Alia Butt

    Alia Butt

    The teaching staff are all experienced practitioners and are very engaging. They gave us a thorough, intellectual understanding of each different theoretical approach. There was also plenty of opportunity for group discussion which I enjoyed. The counselling skills sessions I found particularly challenging. They were very intensive; you experience how you would react as a client, therapist, and as an observer.

  • Preethi Nallu

    Preethi Nallu

    I started my Masters degree in International Relations through the St. Louis campus of Webster. My second term of study was at the London campus and within the first week of being at Regent’s, I decided that I wanted to finish my studies through the Webster-Regent's International Relations program.

  • Callan De Villiers

    Callan De Villiers

    The BA International Events Management allows me to study the industry from both a creative and business perspective. The programme is unique as it offers students the opportunity to study abroad, learn a language and gain work experience.

  • Doriana Carlucci

    Doriana Carlucci

    Regent’s has allowed me to immediately face real life issues. I would definitely say that Regent’s has an entrepreneurial spirit and it is certainly able to teach and communicate it.

  • Maryam and Charlotte

    Maryam and Charlotte

    During our study period abroad we went to so many incredible places all over South America and made a lot of new friends which made the 6 months a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Sarah Okin

    Sarah Okin

    Studying at Regent's University London gives students the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from dozens of different backgrounds. Not only did we learn to communicate with people better in terms of language, but also in terms of behaviour. There’s no doubt that working with such a diverse student body prepares its students for their future careers.

  • Krista Fink

    Krista Fink

    You meet so many amazing people from around the world and the alumni network keeps those global connections alive, and helps you keep your roots in your education.

  • Valeska Haggenmüller

    Valeska Haggenmüller

    Regent's unites an international, varied crowd in the very heart of London’s most beautiful area. I come from a very international background and it was fundamental for me to continue my academic path with people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Last updated: 18 September 2017

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