‘London was always my top choice. I was only supposed to stay for the first semester, but after a few weeks at Regent’s I reapplied for the second semester, I’m glad that I did!’
- Holly Williams – Study Abroad Student from Suffolk University, USA.

'The dining staff at Regent's go above and beyond to make sure I have allergen-free food to keep me studying hard!! Also, apparently that means giving me more [than enough] food,it's amazing nonetheless. Thank you for everything, amazing people!!!!'
- Sarah Elizabeth Franzone - Study Abroad Student from Susquehanna University, USA.

‘I felt at home. Everybody, including professors and staff helped me every time I needed any help’
- Maria Cecilia Patelepen – Study Abroad Student from UADE, Argentina

‘Great city, great university/facilities, great people. Don’t hesitate and go for it!’
- Julian Menendez – Study Abroad Student from UADE, Argentina

‘The class size is great and the classes are good. It was so easy to get involved and feel at home right away.’
- Becca Baier – RACL Study Abroad Student from Monmouth University, USA

‘The seminars and lectures were well organized and interesting. Moreover I appreciated that the lion’s share of the overall work was organized in groups. I also like the atmosphere that encourages intercommunication among students.’
- Oksana Letyago - EBSL Study Abroad Student from Plekhanov University, Russia

‘A fabulous location, helpful and friendly staff, brilliant teachers, excellent facilities - this is enough to rate the overall experience as excellent.
- Alexandra Bejenar – EBSL Study Abroad Student from Moscow State University, Russia

‘Regent’s is a very international university where you can improve your communication, leadership and business skills.’
- Elvira Mejia Lozoya – RBSL Exchange Student, ITESM, Mexico.

‘I loved the people that I met and know that many friendships were formed that will remain strong despite the miles between us’
- Lauren Hardin – RACL Study Abroad Student from Marymount College, USA

‘The events which are organized during induction week are great.’

‘Quality of studying is very high: great teachers and very good system of working.’
- Anonymous

‘Smaller classes hence more attention given by the teacher…. easier to make friends and varied assignments’
- Anonymous

‘Nice small class sizes anywhere from 6-25 students per class. Lecturers took the time in the beginning of the semester to go through the syllabi explaining the learning out comes and what they expected from the students’
- Anonymous

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