Outbound from Regent's

Regent's University London offers one of the widest choices of study abroad locations of any UK institution. Our students have access to over 60 exceptional partner institutions around the world. A Study Period Abroad (SPA) replaces one term at Regent's and is a fantastic opportunity to both add value to your degree and expand your global perspectives.

Why study abroad?

Study Abroad

Students that have international experience are:

         • 19% more likely to get a First Class honours degree;
         • 10% more likely to be in a graduate job;
         • 20% less likely to be unemployed;
         • earn a 7% higher
starting salary, and;
         • considered more effective
as CEOs, Presidents and Managing Directors
           by 72% of companies

Whilst going abroad adds significant value to your degree, it is more than an academic adventure. It’s a great way to enhance your language skills, your communication, confidence and problem-solving abilities. You will make new friends, explore your passions, experience a different part of the world and perhaps discover something about yourself you didn’t know: what’s not to like?

Our feedback shows that Regent’s students find studying abroad a very valuable and beneficial part of their degree programme and we encourage all students to participate in this invigorating and challenging experience. Embrace it, join the thousands of Regent’s students that have taken the journey and open the door to a lasting and positive influence on your life and future!

You can discover more about why you should study abroad in this series of videos.

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Where can I go?

The map below shows all possible SPA destinations. You can filter by programme/subject. The lists below show destinations by country and programme, and you can click on each link to view more details about each one.

Study abroad options

Institutions by country

Institutions by programme

Who is eligible to study abroad?

Who is eligible to study abroad?

Regent's students enrolled in the following programmes are currently able to study abroad:

  • BA (Hons) International Business: Terms 5 & 6
  • BA (Hons) Film & Screen: Term 4
  • BA (Hons) Acting for Stage & Screen: Term 4
  • BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing: Term 4
  • BA (Hons) Liberal Studies: Terms 3 or 4

The criteria and length of a SPA varies by programme. Please speak with an Outbound team member, your Head of Programme, Academic Advisor or Course Leader or consult the current programme handbook for specific information on your SPA.

How do I apply?

The Outbound team at the International Partnerships Office (IPO) coordinates all aspects of study abroad and will work with you closely. During your first term, you will meet the IPO Outbound team and receive information about study abroad specific to your programme.

Please feel free to arrange a meeting or ask any questions in advance to the Outbound team by contacting the IPO.

Study Abroad results

You will receive Regent's credits upon successful completion of your SPA. The modules you take abroad will be converted to Regent's marks as per the below grade conversion table.

Study Abroad tuition fees

As a Regent's exchange student on SPA, you complete online enrolment as normal and continue to pay Regent’s University London your tuition fees – not to your host institution. Some programmes have reduced fees for the term(s) you are abroad. Please refer to the programme pages on our website to confirm the applicable fee rate for your SPA term(s).

You could also benefit from an Erasmus grant if you go somewhere within the Erasmus+ Network.

Other mobility opportunities

The Outbound team can also advise you on other overseas experiences, from volunteering to short-term summer or winter schools to work placements. Please feel free to reach out to ask for more information and we will happily help.