Belmont University

Belmont University is the largest Christian institution located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a private Liberal Arts institution and the second largest private university in the state. It consists of approximately 6,900 students, ranging from every state and 25 countries.

In the 2014 listing of America's Best Colleges from U.S. News & World Report, Belmont was ranked seventh and named for the sixth consecutive year as one of the top "Up-and-Coming" universities in the Regional Universities South category. Belmont was the highest ranked university in Tennessee in this category and was praised for its commitment to undergraduate teaching.

The College of  Business Administration offeres a wide range of courses in Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business, International Business, International Economics, Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing.

BA Acting & Global Theatre students can choose courses in the area of Theatre and Drama, Theatre Directing, Theatre Education, Theatre Performance and Theatre Production Design from the College of Visual and Performing Arts.


Campus facilities


Belmont has its own campus network that all students have access to. When students register and begin their time at Belmont University, they are granted access to the BIC network which is where E-mail is accessed from.


The main University library – Lila Bunch Library is located on the main campus. A map of its exact location can be downloaded from the University website. It is continuously open from 1pm on Sundays until 7pm on Fridays. The hours on Saturdays are 9.00am – 7.00pm. There are over 65 computers available to students in the library, with the majority of them being located in the research services area (first floor). They are all connected to printers and scanners are available on four specific computers which are also located on the first floor. Other programs such as Photoshop and Brainiac are also installed on specific computers, should students require them. For further information, please visit the library service desk.

Other (Gym, clubs and societies)

The Beaman Centre opened in autumn 2003, is one of the best sports facilities in the country. It has opened the door to opportunities in all sporting areas and recreational activities. It includes the fitness centre which features a weight room, group fitness room, recreational gymnasium, racquetball courts, climbing wall, Outdoor Pursuits, equipment rental, full service locker rooms and much more. If you require more information about the centre and the activities they offer, please contact: or visit their Facebook page -

Other societies include the IB Society (International Business Society) which is open to all Belmont Students. It is an on-campus organisation, for any Belmont student that has an interest and passion in the field of international business. It is a way for students to better their understanding through socials, workshops, visits to corporate offices and the opportunity to meet like-minded members from various backgrounds.  If you are interested in this, or for more information, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Marieta Velikova (, Faculty Advisor.

Academic calendar

Autumn Semester: August - December

Spring Semester: January – May


Academic life

Teaching methods at Belmont vary from larger based lectures, to smaller study groups depending on the course. The academic year runs from August – May. Students are expected to dedicate approximately 128 hours to their degree course. 

Teaching methods at Belmont vary from larger based lectures, to smaller study groups depending on the course.


Grades Calculated in Grade Point Average

A (Excellent)






B (Good)






C (Satisfactory)




D (Poor)


F (Academic Fail)


FX (Administrative Fail in Course for Grade)


Academic Fail: Academic fail indicates the student’s continued enrollment in the course and he or she did not satisfy the Instructor’s summative requirements for passing the course.

Administrative Fail: Administrative fail is assigned by the instructor in lieu of a grade of F when a student never attended or ceased attending the class, rendering an assessment of academic performance impossible. Instructors will be asked to provide the last date of attendance.

Class Attendance

Individual instructors may have different attendance requirements; it is the student’s responsibility to check each course syllabus to determine policy and to speak to instructors or the international office at the host institution regarding excused absences.


Film, Media and Performance Students:

You must choose a minimum of 3 courses or equivalent of 12 US credits from the courses approved by your Programme Director at Regent's.

International Business or International Events Management Students:

You must enrol for 15 US credits (apporx. 4 –5 courses).

Please note the following when selecting your modules:

  • You may not enrol in any course that you have previously taken at Regent's University London

  • Ensure the module you are interested in is running in your SPA semester (AS =autumn semester = 1st semester SS= spring semester = 2nd semester)

  • Courses must be one semester long. Students may not be allowed to take yearlong courses

  • All courses must be taught and examined in the target SPA language

  • You must submit your Learning Agreement with the courses you have registered for no later than three weeks after your arrival at the host institution



Passing requirements

Film, Media and Performance Students:

In order to pass your SPA  you must obtain a pass in all the courses you registered for.

International Business or International Events Management Students:

In order to pass your SPA you must obtain a pass in 12 US credits.

All students:

Students must sit all the exams for the courses they have registered for. Students are permitted to take resit exams on SPA at the host institution.

Students who fail to pass all their courses will be required to make up the missing SPA credits.

Please contact the Outbound Unit ( for more details.

Disability provisions

Please contact the IPO for more information regarding the support services at Belmont University.


Nashville is the capital state of Tennessee. The city is the centre for culture, music and sports, making it the ideal student location. In a big city, the community of students bring a feel of small-town atmosphere and a friendly environment.

The downtown area of Nashville features a diverse assortment of entertainment, dining, cultural and architectural attractions. The Broadway and 2nd Avenue areas feature entertainment venues, night clubs and an assortment of restaurants. North of Broadway lie Nashville's central business district, Legislative Plaza, Capitol Hill and the Tennessee Bicentennial Mall. Cultural and architectural attractions can be found throughout the city.

The city is an educational Mecca, with 16 colleges and universities in the metropolitan area, not to mention a wealth of public, private, and parochial schools.

It is easy for students to travel around the city, as there is a Nashville Bus Service available that is free for students and staff members:

For more information about things to do in Nashville:


All accommodation matters at the University of Belmont are handled by The Department of Residence Life; it is  located on campus and can assist you with any of your needs in regards to accommodation, offering support and guidance for all students.

All students are entitled to campus accommodation.

For students not wishing to live on campus, there is plenty of off-campus accommodation available. The University can provide assistance with this, the Office of Residence Life has updated postings of available accommodation:

Cost of living

The University has calculated an approximation of costs for students per semester.

These can be found on the link below –

Students should be aware that it is always better to overestimate costs, as initial start-ups can take longer than expected.


Student feedback can be found on the Blackboard. Please click here to Login.


Students who have been nominated to study at Belmont University will be sent an application pack via email the semester before they are due to start their SPA.

Health Insurance  
You must provide evidence of having an appropriate, comprehensive medical health insurance covering you for the entire stay in the USA. This is usually required at the time of submitting your application.

Belmont University does not currently offer a specific health insurance policy.

Medical care in the US is of an extremely high cost. It is essential that all students have the appropriate health insurance for the duration of their time in the US.

Below are several companies offering student insurance. All students are required to have health insurance coverage.

United Health Insurance -

Telephone: Customer Service: 1-800-767-0700

Plan Administration
UnitedHealthcare StudentResources
2301 West Plano Parkway, Suite 300
Plano, TX 75075

Mail your claims to:
UnitedHealthcare StudentResources
P.O. 809025
Dallas, Texas 75380-9025

Visa requirements

All students wanting to study at Belmont University from the UK must apply for a Visa.

The office is based in London and can be found at:

Mailing Address
24 Grosvenor Square
London, W1K 6AH
United Kingdom

This is for your information only, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the correct visa.


1900 Belmont Blvd
TN, 37212

Department: Office of Study Abroad
Phone: 001 615 - 460 - 5500

Please note: The information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. Some details have been sourced from external websites.




Country: USA
Language of tuition: English
Level of study: Undergraduate
Partner type: Bilateral Exchange partner

Applicable Regent's programmes for a study period abroad:

  • Acting & World Theatre - BA (Hons)
  • Film, TV & Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)
  • Screenwriting & Producing - BA (Hons)