Charles University

Charles University was founded in 1348, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. Yet it is also renowned as a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan and prestigious institution of higher education. It is the largest and most renowned Czech university, and is also the best-rated Czech university according to international rankings. Charles University has over 53,000 students - roughly a sixth of all students in the Czech Republic – enrolled in more than 300 accredited degree programmes that offer over 642 different courses. Charles University graduates enjoy one of the highest employment rates of any population segment in the Czech Republic. Every year a diverse range of lifelong learning courses are attended by more than 16,000 participants. Charles University is one of the best-performing educational institutions in the Czech Republic. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, it ranks among the top 2 per cent of higher education institutions worldwide.

Campus facilities

Charles University has at its disposal a total of 142 buildings intended for teaching, science, research, administration, accommodation, catering, sport and exercise.

Sport facilities

Charles University has many sport facilities available to its students which include Hostivar Sports Centre which is a 7-hectare sports complex located in Prague, not far from Hostivar halls of residence (Bruslarska street 15, Prague). The complex offers an indoor swimming-pool, multipurpose indoor sports facility, gym, sauna, outdoors sports facilities, ten tennis courts, football amd softball pitch, multipurpose inflatable hall, etc. Charles University also has a Sports Centre for disabled dtudents which provides special aids, assistants and specialists guides for selected sports. It is located  in the Regata boathouse in Pargue 4 – Podoli.


Charles University provides subsidised catering in fifteen student cafeterias menzy. The menu changes 3-5 times per day. They also offer salads, desserts, coffee  and other goods. Selected cafeteria offer quiet corners with Wi-Fi connection.

Academic calendar

Autumn Semester: October - December

Spring Semester: February – June

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Academic life

Charles University in Prague uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which is a workload-based system for measuring and comparing study results. The student is awarded a certain number of ECTS credits for each course which reflects the workload necessary to successfully complete a course. Credits are awarded only when the student has fulfilled the course requirements, for example regular attendance. The credits are allocated by the individual departments in accordance with the standard workload determined by the respective study and examination regulations whereby one credit equals 30 hours of study.



Please contact your head of Programme or Academic Advisor for more details.

Passing requirements

Please contact your head of Programme or Academic Advisor for more details.

Disability provisions

Please contact the IPO for more information regarding the support services at Charles University.



Prague is situated on the Vltava River in Central Bohemia, in the very heart of Europe. It is a city of great historical and cultural interest, and in recent years it has become a major tourist attraction. The Prague Castle and the magnificent St. Vitus’ Cathedral dominate the centre of Prague. Other historical attractions include the Old Town Square, one of the finest squares in Europe, and the old Jewish medieval synagogue.

Transportation in Prague

The network of buses, trams and subway (called METRO) has a wide and regular coverage. Prague integrated transport (PIT) consists of public transport services in Prague (Metro, trams, funicular to Petrín, city buses), suburban bus service (lines of series 300 and 400) and railway service (only 2nd class passenger and fast trains and selected express trains - specified in timetables of the Czech Railways) in Prague and suburban regions


Halls of residence

There are 20 halls of residence (12 in Prague, 3 in Pilsen, 2 in Hradec Kralove and 2 in Brandys and Labem). All rooms include internet connection. Accommodation is provided in Charles University Halls of Residence (= dormitories). Students are housed in double-occupancy rooms. Single rooms are not available. Unit system consists of twin rooms (= double room with two separate beds) sharing bathroom facilities (shower and wc). A small kitchenette is usually at the end of each corridor. Students can also use a lavatory and hanging rooms in the building (keys are available at the reception against a fee). Bedding and bed linen are provided (bed linen is exchanged regularly); towels and kitchen utensils (such as pans, plates, cups etc.) are not. The allocation of rooms is responsibility of the management of the residence hall - if you wish to share a room with a colleague (schoolmate) of yours, please, ask the Accommodation Office (Reception) on your arrival or contact the European Office with the request in advance.

The accommodation will be provided for the period corresponding to your study stay at Charles University. The rooms are always available starting approximatelly one week before the beginning of the semester/study period, orientation week included. You will be notified of details of your accommodation in the Accommodation Voucher that you will receive together with your Letter of Admission. The rent is paid directly in cash (CZK) at the Accommodation Office/Reception at the appropriate residence. No cards accepted.

The charge for 1 bed/day when the length of accommodation is from 30 – 90 days will be  approx. CZK 150.

The charge for 1 bed/day when the length of accommodation is from 90 – 270 days will be approx. CZK 120.

A deposit Kč 1800,- is to be paid approximately 2 months before arrival.

Private Accomodation

It is not difficult to find private accommodation in our university cities. For a three-room flat (two rooms and kitchen) in Prague you can pay about Kč 15.000. It can be twice as cheap in Pilsen and Hradec Králové.


If students do not stay at the university dormitories and prefer sharing private flats or renting flats through real estate agencies, they are subject to the temporary residence registration with the Police within 30 days after their arrival. Although the registration is the landlord´s responsibility, if the landlord fails to comply with this duty the responsibility lies with the tenant, who can become liable to a penalty fee by the Police if no registration has been made. It is illegal not to register with the police within 30 days upon arrival in Czech Republic.

Cost of living

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is on average comparable to that of other Central and East European countries. A single student is advised to have available approximately Kč 8 500 (app. 300 €) per month to cover food, basic transport and accommodation.

Rent CZK 3,000–7,000

Food CZK 3,800–4,200

Transport CZK 250–300

Leisure Time CZK 700–1,000

Total CZK 7,750–12,500

Be aware that the level of rent varies depending on which city you live in, whether you use the University dormitory or private place and if you share the flat or not. The final cost of living, of course, depends on your personal spending habits.


Students who have been nominated to study at Charles University will be sent an application pack via email the semester before they are due to start their SPA.

Health Insurance  

You must provide evidence of having an appropriate health insurance. This is usually required at the time of submitting your application.

If you come from an EU country, remember to apply for a European health insurance card (EHIC) before leaving.

Visa requirements

All students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate student visa (if applicable) before travelling to Czech Republic. For more information please contact the Czech Embassy where you will be applying for your visa directly.

The link below is for the Czech Embassy in London:

Embassy of Czech Republic

Address: 26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington, London W8 4QY

Tel: +44(0)20 7243 1115      

Fax: +44 (0)20 7727 9654      


This is for your information only, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the correct visa.



Please note: The information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. Some details have been sourced from external websites.




Country: Czech Republic
Language of tuition: English
Level of study: Undergraduate
Partner type: Erasmus+ exchange

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