Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is the largest business school within Denmark. With 19,000 full- and part time students and 13,000 employees. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes within business, all with an interdisciplinary and international focus

It was established in 1917 by Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education and Research(FUHU), however, it wasn't until 1920 that accounting became the first full study programme at CBS.

CBS teaches the traditional courses in Economics, Management and Business Administration but is also well known for the cross-disciplinary research and teaching, and students can combine business with for example philosophy, political science, psychology or communication.

CBS has triple-crown accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.

Triple accreditation is the accreditation awarded to 68 business schools worldwide by the three largest and most influential business school accreditation associations:
AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (based in Tampa, Florida, with an Asia office in Singapore)
AMBA - The Association of MBAs (based in London)
EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System (based in Brussels)

Campus facilities

The CBS campus is an urban campus located in Frederiksberg, an integrated part of Copenhagen. The buildings are modern and have state-of the-art facilities. The campus is connected to the airport and downtown Copenhagen with three on-campus Metro stops.


At CBS students can use the school’s facilities in well-equipped user rooms and in large information technology service centres. The computer facilities are primarily used for the production of papers and for group work. It is possible to work with modern multimedia, language and information technology, and not least to use free Internet access to find information for project reports, etc. The computers also have access to large databases. All of the campus has access to wireless internet.

For more information please visit


The CBS Library serves as a university library for CBS and is open to the public daily, most holidays included. To a great extent the library is based on self service. Library users enjoy access to open shelves and numerous databases but are expected to borrow and return library items personally at self service points.

Other (Gyms, clubs and societies)

CBS Sport- offers nine different sports, creating a great opportunity to network across other study programmes. CBS Sport is an organisation, where everyone is free to join, and it represents Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Copenhagen Business Choir- A mixed choir, welcomes those with or without prior musical knowledge

If you are interested in other activities, CBS Gourmet organises different tastings; The Movie Club, where you have the possibility to watch Classic Movies together with your fellow students; and The SuperQuiz, which takes place a couple of times during the semester, and challenges your brain. All these activities are arranged by CBS Students.

Most activities are announced on - the student portal and news forum.

Academic calendar

Autumn Semester: Late August to End December (Mid August - Danish Crash Course)

Spring Semester: Late January to End June (Mid January Danish Crash Course)

Academic life

While in Denmark you will attend lectures as well as participate in discussions and undertake projects (as an individual and in groups). You will also be required to study independently in addition to contact hours. Assessment is ongoing and you will have both oral and written exams.

The grading system in Denmark ranges from 0 - 13 with 0 as the lowest and 13 as the highest. Please note that a mark of 13 is seldom awarded. A mark of 6 is the pass/fail level. 


Please contact your Head of Programme or Academic Advisor for more details

Passing requirements

Please contact your Head of Programme or Academic Advisor for more details

Disability provisions

Please contact the IPO for more information regarding the support services at CBS.


CBS publish 5 guides every year which provide International students with all the information they need about living and studying in Copenhagen. Please visit the links below to download the guides.

CBS Survival Guide

CBS Arrival Guide

CBS TimeOut Guide

CBS Social Programme

The CBS Academic Experience

For more information please view the Country Information Packs available on the IPO Study Abroad pages on Blackboard.  Click here to log into Blackboard.


CBS arranges accommodation either in a room with a private landlord, in a house/flat, in a residence hall or in a shared flat for all students who apply before our application deadline. Please note that because of acute lack of sufficient student housing in Copenhagen, CBS cannot guarantee a particular type of housing. Applications received after the deadline will be processed but we cannot guarantee that housing will be found. You will be notified of your housing placement by e-mail only shortly before the start of the semester.

Accommodation price range: DKK 2,500 3,500 per month (housing rates have risen drastically and relatively few places are available at the cheaper end of the scale). Some double rooms available at lower rates.

Most previous students have stayed on-campus and highly recommend this option. Please see their website for further details and how to apply. CBS Accommodation

CBS welcomes many international students each semester, and  CBS Housing Department are happy to help in finding accommodation. Housing in the city of Copenhagen is difficult to find, and therefore it is necessary for you to apply by the indicated deadlines and preferably to apply as early as possible, as applications are processed in the order in which they are received: first come first served.
CBS staff will do their best to comply with your accommodation preferences but cannot guarantee that you will get your first priority. One thing you should keep in mind is that CBS does not have rooms in Student Residences for all students in the autumn semester, so many of you will be living in private housing. To help CBS find a solution that will be optimal for you, please take some time to explore the different housing options which you will find on this website When you apply, remember to prioritize where you want to stay. Please give a priority to each of the Student Residences. As with most urban universities, Copenhagen Business School does not have a campus as such, although one is in the making. Moreover Danish universities do not own student-housing facilities. Danish students tend either to live at home, in private flats, or in one of the housing facilities available for young people in the Greater Copenhagen area. Accommodation for the international students is therefore organised through public and private housing companies.
The CBS International Office has access to fourteen different student residences at this point. They are located in different areas of Copenhagen. Generally speaking, the rooms in the residence halls can be either single rooms or shared rooms. In the shared rooms, there are two beds in one room, which is why the rent per person can be lower than for single rooms.
All the residences are non-smoking.
Please be aware that unless otherwise noted under the specific residence hall, you will not be living with Danish students but instead with other international students                                                               

During the Autumn Semester, the CBS Housing Department supplements its student accommodation with a private housing option, as there is limited student residences during the fall. However, during the spring  semester, there are no private rooms available through CBS.

Private Housing is a broad term and can be many things, but it is not a home-stay. You will maintain your independence, yet at the same time you will get a chance to experience how Danes live their everyday lives.

CBS Housing Department cannot give an accurate description of Private Housing since there are as many versions as there are rooms available.
Sometimes private housing can mean a small one or two bedroom apartment but most of the time it will be a room in someone’s apartment or house.
However, CBS Housing Department can guarantee you a room with a bed, a desk for studying, a dresser/closet for your clothes, and, of course, access to kitchen and bathroom. The price of the room will reflect the facilities to which you have access. The price range of rent per month is currently between DKK 3200-6500 DKK.

Cost of living

CBS suggests the following allowance per month for students:

Living expenses: Approx. DKK 3,000 - 4,000 pr. month

Books/Supplies: Approx. DKK 1,500 – 3,000 pr. semester

Transportation (bus, train, metro): Approx. DKK 1,300 pr. semester

Social Program - Main Package (Optional): Approx. 500 DKK

Weekend trips: 1,500 DKK pr. Trip


Students who have been nominated to study at CBS will be sent an application pack via email the semester before they are due to start their SPA

Health Insurance  

You must provide evidence of having an appropriate health insurance. This is usually required at the time of submitting your application.

If you come from an EU country, remember to apply for a European health insurance card (EHIC) before leaving.

Once a student is fully-admitted to study at CBS, they will have to complete the process for a residence permit, and thereafter will be able to apply for a medical ‘yellow card’ which can be used to provide free healthcare.

Non EU students are required to bring comprehensive international health insurance that covers them for the entire stay in Denmark.

Visa requirements

Please check the following webpage if you need a visa:

Students, who need to apply for a visa to enter Denmark, should apply at the Danish embassy or consulate in their home country as early as possible once they have received their letter of acceptance from CBS. Please remember that if you need a visa, your passport must be valid until at least three months after the expiration of the visa.


From   the Nordic countries

No   residence permit is required

From   EU and EEA countries

Must   have a residence permit to stay in Denmark for more than three months. This   is applied for in Denmark upon arrival.

Other   nationalities

MUST   have their visa or residence permit in order before leaving their home   country. Please note that the “Application for a residence and work permit   for students” form must be filled in by CBS first and later by the student   who then submit it to the nearest Danish consulate. The form will be sent to   each student with the acceptance letter/ information package.
  You will be required to submit documentation for having a minimum amount of   DKK 4200 per month in the form of a bank statement.

CBS will send you an information package which will contain the documents needed to apply for a residence permit (enclosed for non-Europeans only), an official acceptance letter and other important documents.

This is for your information only, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the correct visa.



Please note: The information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. Some details have been sourced from external websites.




Country: Denmark
Language of tuition: English
Level of study: Undergraduate
Partner type: Erasmus+ exchange

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