Qingdao University

Qingdao University established in 1987 is a university located in Qingdao, China, colloquially known as Qingda (青大). Qingdao University consists of 25 faculties and departments as well as a graduate school. Courses are offered in 11 main Academic disciplines: Philosophy, Economics, Law, Literature, History, Natural sciences, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Education and Military sciences. It has about 37,000 students with over  over 1,000 international students.

Qingdao University (QU) is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province and has a very beautiful academic setting. Accredited by the National Committee of Education and Shandong Provincial Government in 1993, this university is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Shandong. Famous for their aim "To be open-minded, internationalized and high-graded."

The university has links with many provincial and municipal enterprises and has also built cooperation with Haier, Hisense, Blue Goose and Double Star to develop specialty research institutes.

You will be studying in the College of Chinese and Culture which is located in the central campus of Qingdao University.

Campus facilities

Qingdao University covers an area of 3.8 km² and includes five campuses in different parts of Qingdao, with the main campus located in the east part of Shinan District. Over 100 research labs, teaching and research facilities are well-equipped. All classrooms are equipped with advanced audio and video teaching devices.


As the largest library in Shandong Province, it has 3 million books and more than 4,700 periodicals. This library covers an area of 18,900 square meters, is located in the centre of campus. Surrounded by Fushan Mountain and the Yellow Sea, this library is the perfect place to study.

The library is equipped with modern digital facilities providing a good environment to study. 

Food and Catering

The dining room serves many kinds of low-priced Chinese food. There are also a lot of Korean restaurants and some Western restaurants, just 15 minute walk from the main campus.

There is a small grocery store on campus and larger grocery stores and book stores can be reached within 20 minute walk from the university.

Other (gym, clubs and societies)

Qingdao University provides a gymnasium and many sports facilities, such as tennis, basketball , badminton, football, volleyball and running tracks. Alternatively, students can try the beaches for some swimming, diving, sailing, jet skiing or surfing. Another way to relax is for students to visit Qingdao's numerous beautiful old buildings.

Academic calendar

Spring Semester: March - July

Autumn Semester: September- January


Academic life

Teaching methods in Chinese universities usually include classroom lecture, classroom discussion, in class exercises amd tutorials. The academic year in China is based on two semesters (although some institutions have three semesters). One semester usually lasts about 2O weeks. In general you will have classes five days a week.

Please remember there is a strict attendance policy at Chinese universities.

The grading system in China is based on a scale from 0 – 100.

Highest on scale: 90-100

Pass/fail level: 60

Lowest on scale: 0-59





You must take a minimum of 20 credits of Chinese language courses from the list of approved courses below.

A module with 1 contact hour each week is equal to 1 credit course

Passing requirements

In order to pass the SPA semester you must obtain a pass in a minimum of 15 credits of Chinese language courses per SPA semester.

  • To pass a course in China you must score 60 or above.
  • Upon arrival at your host institution your Chinese language level will be tested and you will put into the suitable language class when you register.
  • You are encouraged to take electives or business courses taught in English where available but you will not receive any credits towards your SPA for these courses.
  • You must obtain a minimum of 15 credits of Chinese language courses for each SPA semester in order to pass the SPA irrespective of whether you obtain more credits during one of the SPA semesters.
  • Please note that only credits obtained in the compulsory Chinese language courses taught in Chinese will be counted towards your SPA. Credits obtained in other elective modules taught in English are not counted.

Students are permitted to take resit exams on SPA at Qingdao University.

Disability provisions

Please contact the IPO for more information regarding the support services at QU.


Qingdao, located in the southeast part of Shandong Province, is a beautiful seaside city with clear air and enchanting sea view. This city, bordered by the Yellow Sea on two sides, has the largest bathing beach in Asia and produces the mellow Qingdao Beer.

Qingdao is not a typical Chinese city. Although it has plenty to offer in terms of Western comforts and is a major industrial town, it also feels compact and has a sense of calmness about it.

One of the best features of life in Qingdao is the ocean, which gives the city its fresh feel and blows away the pollution. Most international students will find themselves wandering along the beach during both day and night to escape studying.

One of Qingdao’s major annual events is its International Beer Festival held in August. A celebration of Qingdao’s brewing history, expect food, karaoke, comedy and concerts.

Weather and Climate

Qingdao has a moderate monsoon-influenced climate. Winter are cold and windy with temperatures often dropping below freezing, while summers are hot and humid, but slightly cooler than further inland.

Expect the main winter months to be between December and February, while summer hits between June and August.

For more information pelase view the Country Information Packs available on the IPO Study Abroad pages on Blackboard. Click here to log into Blackboard.


On campus

At present, Qingdao University has three accommodation buildings specially provided for international students. They are the Mingxin Building, buildings No.13, and New building.


Room Facilities

Public Facilities

Min Xing Road

Furniture, Bathroom, TV, Telephone, Air-Conditioning, Hot water supply during night

Laundry, Gym, Reading Rooms, Multimedia Rooms, Shared refrigerators, and Kitchens

New Building

Furniture, Bathroom, TV, Telephone, Air-Conditioning, Hot Water Heater

Laundry, Shared refrigerators and Kitchens

NO.13 Building

Furniture, Bathroom, TV, Telephone, Air-Conditioning, Hot Water Heater

Laundry, Shared refrigerators and Kitchens

The university offers single and double rooms in foreign dormitories. All rooms are equipped with a telephone, toilet, television, air conditioner, and heater. Internet connection is available for an additional charge (students generally have to pay RMB 100 per month to use the internet).

There is no application form for on-campus accommodation but students can book dormitories in advance by sending sending an email directly to Qingdao University (Contact Jane at 13687692401@126.com). Upon receipt of the email request accommodation will be reserved for the student.

Qingdao University does not provide information for off campus accommodation.

Cost of living

Currency converter - http://www.xe.com/ucc/

You will need to bear in mind the basic expenses you will incur whilst studying at QU.  These are the approximate costs:




Medical Examination

RMB 400-500


RMB 600


RMB 800-1000


RMB 800

Residence Permit

RMB 800


RMB 500

Application Fee

RMB 800

Estimated Cost Per Year

RMB 3400-3700


Student feedback can be found on the Blackboard. Click here to log into Blackboard.


Students who have been nominated to study at QU will be sent an application pack via email the semester before they are due to start their SPA. 

Medical Insurance                     

All international students must buy a medical insurance plan for their study in China, in order to pay for the expense for possible accidental injury and medical treatments in hospitalization. Students without medical insurance plan will be rejected for registration. The plan recommended by the Ministry of Education is the Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners staying in China. If you are a short-term student (less than 3 months study) and insist on using your own medical insurance, you must sign a declaration to assure that its service reaches the standard of the plan provided above.

Visa requirements

Once your application has been processed, QU will send an Admission Notice and Student Visa Application JW202 form. You should take these documents to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China in your home country (check whether you can apply at that particular Embassy for a visa) and apply for the student visa.

The Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China in london: 49 Portland Place, London W1B 1JL


Residence Permit

Those with an "X" visa are required to apply for the Alien's Residence Permit within 30 days after arriving in China. Students with valid residence permits can go outsite the mainland of China, including Hong Kong and Macao, for mutiple re-entry during their study period.

This is for your information only, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the correct visa.


Qingdao University
Room 105, No.2
Minxing Building, No.308 Ningxia Road

Contact: Stella Wu
Department: Graduate Assistant of International Office
Phone: +86-0532-85953863
Email: wsy900508@126.com

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Country: China
Language of tuition: Chinese
Level of study: Undergraduate

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