Universidad Católica del Uruguay

Universidad Católica del Uruguay is one of the top universities in Uruguay. It is a private institution and it is situated near upscale resort of Punta del Este (unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes). The university is a 15 minute ride from the downtown area.

It has a very European feel. Uruguayans are keen to get to know international students so fun is guaranteed and of course good practice of Spanish language skills.


Campus facilities

Student facilities include a library, counseling center and student advisory services, a recently renovated radio studio, a photo lab, computer labs, and membership in the Iberoamericana Educational Television Network. Students also have access to a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

Academic calendar

Spring Semester: March to July (February with Spanish course)

Autumn Semester: August to December (July with Spanish course.)

Academic life

Classes may meet for fewer hours but there is a high expectation about the amount of time students put into their studies outside of class. Classes are held in one solid block of time once a week as opposed to one hour three times a week.

Grading System:

Scale                   Grade Description 

11.00 - 12.00      Sobresaliente    

8.00 - 10.99        Muy Bueno        

5.00 - 7.99          Bueno                

3.00 - 4.99          Aprobado           

0.00 - 2.99          Deficiente       


You are required to take a minimum of 20 ECTS or equivalent per SPA semester from the subjects approved by EBSL, although you may want to register for more if you wish.

Please note the following when selecting your modules:

  • You may not enrol in any course that you have previously taken at EBS London, Regent’s University London

  • Ensure the module you are interested in is running in your SPA semester

  • Courses must be one semester long. Students may not be allowed to take year long courses

  • You must take a minimum of 20 ECTS  or equivalent, this can include one language course

  • All courses must be taught and examined in the target SPA language

  • You must submit your Learning Agreement with the courses you have registered for no later than three weeks after your arrival at the host institution

*Equivalent of ECTS depends on the amount of contact hours of each course and the academic degree level.

Spanish language course:
UCU offers language courses. Students have two options:
1. Pre- semester intensive course (application enclosed in the email)
Level: A2
Duration 2 weeks – 40 hours

2. Regular semester length course
Level: B1 & B2
Duration: semester length; 67 ½ hours per semester; 2 classes per week of 2, 15 hours each

For more information please go to


Passing requirements

Students must pass a minimum of 15 ECTS credits or equivalent* per semester during their Study Period Abroad.

*Equivalent of ECTS depends on the amount of contact hours of each course and the academic degree level.

Students must sit all the exams and complete all assignments for the courses they have registered for.

There are no options to take resit exams on SPA at Universidad Católica del Uruguay.

If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be required to make up the missing credits. Please contact the Outbound Unit (outbound@regents.ac.uk) for more details.


Disability provisions

Please contact the IPO for more information regarding the support services at Universidad Católica del Uruguay.



Montevideo is a port city and the capital of Uruguay. The Ciudadela Gateway, the only remaining section of the wall that once surrounded the entire city, now serves as the entrance to Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo's oldest neighborhood. Home to churches, museums, and theaters, at night the area comes alive with nightclubs playing Tango and Candombe music for crowds of dancers.

Uruguay has an exceptionally fine temperate climate, with mild summers and winters. Summer is from December to March and is the most pleasant time; winter and spring can get chilly due to wind and rain, but temperatures remain dependably above freezing.

Uruguay Tourism Board


Montevideo Tourism Board


For more information please view the Country Information Packs available on the IPO Study Abroad pages. Click here to log into Blackboard.


Living in Montevideo

The Universidad Católica de Uruguay offers accommodation with Uruguayan families or in private student halls of residences. The placement depends on the exchange program and on the number of international students at the time of arrival.

Please note that it is quite hard to find short-term flats in Montevideo. For more information and links to useful web sites, please visit www.ucu.edu.uy  (Click on Relaciones Internacionales and then on Estudiantes extranjeros (español-english).

Cost of living

UCU suggests the following*:





Pesos uruguayos

Alojamiento piso compartido

Lodging shared flat

370 (mes/month)


Alojamiento con familias (3 comidas diarias incluidas)

Lodging with families (3 daily meals included)


700 (mes/month)



Alquiler de departamento

(2 dormitorios)

Rent of a flat

(2 bedrooms)


800 (mes/month)




Alojamiento en Residencia

(habitación individual)


Lodging in University Residence





Trayecto en bus

Bus journey



Entrada al cine

Cinema ticket



Entrada a un boliche/disco

Dancing Pub ticket



Visita Médica a emergencia

Emergency Medical attention



Consulta médica emergencia

Emergency Medical attention



* Approximate costs only


Student feedback can be found on Blackboard. Click here to log into Blackboard.


Students who have been nominated to study at Universidad Católica del Uruguay will be sent an application pack via email the semester before they are due to start their SPA.

Health Insurance

You must provide evidence of having an appropriate, comprehensive health insurance covering you for the entire stay in Uruguay. This is usually required at the time of submitting your application.



Visa requirements

Uruguay does not request a visa to enter the country. An international student can travel as a "tourist”, your stay is valid up to 90 days.

Afterwards you must extend the tourist visa in the Ministerio del Interior to - cost approx 30 UD.

For more information, please contact the Consulate of Uruguay, 140 Brompton Road, London SW3 1HY
Tel: 020 7589 8735 ext.107
Fax: 020 75819585
Website: http://uruguay.embassyhomepage.com/

This is for your information only, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the correct visa.


Avenida 8 de Octubre 2738
CP 11600

Contact: Virginia Álvarez
Department: Oficina de Intercambio Estudiantil
Phone: 00 598 2 487 2717 ext.250
Fax: 00 598 2 480 8123
Email: interinter@ucu.edu.uy

Please note: The information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. Some details have been sourced from external websites.




Country: Uruguay
Language of tuition: Spanish
Level of study: Undergraduate
Partner type: Bilateral Exchange partner

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