Universidad de Castilla La Mancha

The Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha has 35,000 students at four campuses (Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, and Toledo).

It is a young, dynamic university with a wide variety of academic offerings. Many of its classes are held in historic buildings, in locations of great cultural interest to international students.

You will be studying at Toledo campus which belongs to UNESCO World Heritage Site only 35 minutes from Madrid.

Campus facilities


The Central Campus Libraries (Bibliotecas Generales de Campus) are open to the public throughout the year.For more information on hours of operation during the calendar year, please consult the following web page: http://www.biblioteca.uclm.es


The IT labs provides access to the Internet and the use of IT labs. All students of the UCLM have an email account which is accessible through the Internet and POP3 and which has a storage capacity of 3MB.

UCLM offers remote Internet access to all of its students.

Other (gym, clubs and societies)

Sports and Recreation Services (El Servicio de Deporte) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha offers you the possibility to compliment your academic agenda with physical activities in your free time.This service offers activities that can be divided in the following two groups:

  • Sports competitions
    The competitions include the Chancellor’s Cup (Trofeo Rector), different intercampus competitions, and those organized by the High Council of Sports (Consejo Superior de Deportes) or the Junta de Comunidades Cup (Trofeo Junta de Comunidades) with the participation of the University Championships of Spain (Campeonatos de España Universitarios) and the LevanteGroupUniversities.

  • Recreational activities

    The recreational activities, which enjoy increasing participation and demand, consist of aerobics, weight lifting, tennis, table tennis, fencing, hiking, ballroom dance, yoga, archery, and much more.

Campus Coordinators for UCLM Sport and Recreation Services:

Toledo Benito Yáñez Araque 925-268-800 (ext. 5019) benito.yañez@uclm.es

Academic calendar

Autumn Semester: September to January (including exams)

Spring Semester: January to June (including exams)

You can check academic calendar for further information.

Academic life

The educational system is comprised of lectures, seminars and supervised practice.

Grading System

0 – 4.9            Suspenso                                                      Fail

5 – 6.9            Aprobado (minimum grade to pass is 5)           Satisfactory

7 – 8.9            Notable                                                         Good

9 – 10             Sobresaliente                                                 Very good

10                   Matricula de Honor                                         Honorable Mention / Excellent


EBSL students - Spanish SPA:

You are required to take a minimum of 20 ECTS per SPA semester from the subjects approved by EBSL, although you may want to register for more if you wish.

EBSL students - English SPA:

You must enrol in 30 ECTS. The courses you choose must be approved by your Programme Director.

Please note the following when selecting your modules:

  • You may not enrol in any course that you have previously taken at EBS London, Regent's University London
  • Ensure the module you are interested in is running in your SPA semester (AS =autumn semester = 1st semester SS= spring semester = 2nd semester)
  • Courses must be one semester long. Students may not be allowed to take yearlong courses
  • All courses must be taught and examined in the target SPA language
  • You must submit your Learning Agreement with the courses you have registered for no later than three weeks after your arrival at the host institution

 Spanish course

The University of Castilla-La Mancha offers all interested international students an intensive course in the Spanish language.
One course will be offered at the beginning of each semester (September and February).The course will consist of 40 hours of class. Registration will be made upon arrival and the students will take a test to determine his or her language level.

The courses cost 50€ each one and they include learning materials. At the end of the course, all students who have attended at least 80% of the classes and have passed the final exam will receive a final certificate indicating the student’s completion of the course (4 ECTS).

Passing requirements

EBSL students - Spanish SPA:

Students must pass a minimum of 15 ECTS per semester during their Study Period Abroad.

EBSL students - English SPA:

In order to pass your SPA semester you must pass 30 ECTS.

Students must sit all the exams for the courses they have registered for. Students are permitted to take resit exams on SPA at the host institution.

Students who fail to pass all their courses will be required to make up the missing SPA credits.

Please contact the Outbound Unit (outbound@regents.ac.uk) for more details.


Disability provisions

Please contact the IPO for more information regarding the support services at Universidad de Castilla La Mancha.

For more information contact SAED saed@uclm.es. Also see http://www.uclm.es/english/international.asp?op=7 and http://www.uclm.es/organos/vic_estudiantes/saed/.


The city of Toledo is the capital of the province of the same name, and is also the capital of the Autonomous Community called Castilla-La Mancha. The city is located at 529 metres above sea level, in the Castillian meseta (plateau), practically in the centre of the Iberian peninsula. and just 70 kilometers (43 miles) south of Madrid on the N-401 highway.

Toledo has a typical continental climate, cold in winter and hot in summer, although slightly tempered by the presence of the Tajo river flowing around its historic centre. The months of November and February generally bring the most rainfall, though not particularly heavy, and snow is unusual.

In December 1987, the UNESCO declared Toledo a World Heritage city in recognition of its uniqueness. This is due as much as anything to its special history, since in the past the city was host to Christian, Islamic and Hebrew culture and the architecture of the city relects this - being almost impossible to walk its streets without coming across an ancient mosque, a Gothic or Mudejar church, a Romanesque or Visigothic structure, a synagogue, or a Renaissance palace.

Subway map: http://www.metromadrid.es/en/index.html

For more information please view the Country Inormation Packs available on the IPO Study Abroad pages on Blackboard. Click here to log into Blackboard.


Halls of Residence

The University Residence programme of the Castilla-La Mancha Communities Junta offer over 2,500 places at all UCLM’s campuses. It is important to point out that they allow you to reside at a reasonable price since they are subsidised by the Communities Junta. 

Alternatively UCLM students can use the services of the Castilla-La Mancha Youth Housing Bureau. A service totally free of charge in which you may obtain listings of private apartments for rent in the city where the Campus is located where you are going to carry out your studies.

Toledo Trinidad, 8 s/n Tel.: +34 925 265 305 bvjto@jccm.es

Private housing

There are a number of advertisements in and around the city and university of people looking for flatmates and you can also find apartments for rent in El Mercadillo newspaper. 

Students can also look for private accommodation through the Bolsa de Vivienda Joven, a regional government service that lists housing offers. Students are recommended to get in contact with the Bolsa de Vivienda Joven in the city where he/she will be studying, explaining the length of their stay, the date of arrival, type of housing required (individual or shared) and price range desired. The “Bolsa” will then present the students with a list of available housing options. For further information, see: http://www.viviendajoven.es/

Useful link: http://www.uclm.es/ori/english/guide/housing.asp

Cost of living

UCLM suggests the following:

  • Rent: €120 - 225 / month + expenses

  • Groceries: Around €30 / week

  • Eating out: From €4.50 to €50

  • Public transport: (within the city) €1 - €2.10

  • University cafeteria: Approx. 120€ / month

  • Own meals: Between 90€ and 120€ / month

  • University Halls of Residence: 108€ / month

  • Halls of Residence with room & board: 315€ / month for an individual room, 283€ / month shared room

This is a rough guide to cost of living.


Student feedback can be found on Blackboard. Click here to log into Blackboard.


Students who have been nominated to study at Universidad de Castilla La Mancha will be sent an application pack via email the semester before they are due to start their SPA.

Health Insurance  

You must provide evidence of having an appropriate health insurance. This is usually required at the time of submitting your application.

If you come from an EU country, remember to apply for a European health insurance card (EHIC) before leaving.

Visa requirements

For visa requirements, please contact the Consulado General de Espana, 20 Draycott Place, London SW3 2RZ, Tel: 020 7589 8989, E-mail: visas@conspalon.org W: http://www.conspalon.org/

You have a maximum of 30 days after entering the European Union to begin the process of applying for a Student Residence Card. The Student Residence Card (Autorizaci n de Estancia is a temporary residence permit  valid while you are studying in Spain. This permit is valid for maximum of one academic year and can be renewed every year until you finish your studies. Your academic performance will be taken into account when renewing your permit. This document gives you the right to remain legally in the country while you study.

This is for your information only, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the correct visa.


Campus Toledo
Calle Cardenal Lorenzana 1

Contact: Emilio S. Martínez Morales
Department: Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales del Campus de Toledo
Phone: +34 925268800. Ext. 5037
Fax: +34 925265759
Email: oci.toledo@uclm.es

Please note: The information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. Some details have been sourced from external websites.




Country: Spain
Language of tuition: English,Spanish
Level of study: Undergraduate
Partner type: Erasmus+ exchange

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