Module descriptions for BA (Hons) Creative Industries

Year 1

Business for the Creative Producer

You will learn about the basic functions and structures of businesses and the global environment, as well as the effects of politics, economics, the law, and social and environmental factors on the media industry.

Critical Perspectives on Creativity

This module will develop your understanding of creativity and how original artistic material is originated and developed. This is done by exploring ‘image’ and ‘representation’ and through examining the creative processes of a range of art forms. The module encourages an appreciation and understanding of creativity, which will help you in assessing and treating the creative work you encounter and produce during your working life.

Development of the Creative Industries

This module thoroughly studies the origins and development of the creative industries and the factors that have influenced their progress and refinement over the years. The module offers a broad overview of the history of creativity and its manifestation, expression and exploitation, exploring shifts in perceptions of artists and creators through time and location.

Devising and Marketing a New Creative Project

You will be introduced to a range of entrepreneurial skills and how they are applied in a working career. You will explore a number of creative industry projects as case studies, and examine the working practices of key figures and organisations in the field. Module assignments require you to work in groups under the guidance of a tutor to conceive, research and develop marketable products in any genre. These are then presented in a simulated ‘pitch meeting’.

Introduction to Study and IT Skills

This module will help to develop your skills in note taking and computer applications appropriate to a graduate entering the world of screen production. It also provides a guide to techniques of presentation, organisation and work management in high-pressure situations. You will explore a range of presentation techniques, and learn to present material in a convincing and professional manner.

Media Technology for the Screen

Today’s creative world is built around the use and exploitation of media technology in the form of video filming, digital sound recording and audio, video and picture editing software. This module will build upon the skills you gained in using these technologies during the Introduction to Study and IT Skills module.

Year 2

Creating the Short Film Production

This module follows on from the Media Technology for the Screen module, and involves the preparation, writing and production of a short screenplay. You will work in groups under the guidance of a tutor to discuss, devise and create a script based on a biographical subject from current life or from recent or past history. This requires substantial subject research, adaptation of biographical material into dramatic form, production of a short drama script, teamwork, allocation of roles, and creative activities such as camera operation, sound recording, lighting and editing. You will gain valuable hands-on experience of work in a modern creative field and explore all aspects of media production.

Creating the Produced Commercial

You will create an advertising campaign around a product, from design through to market. The world of advertising can be an excellent entry point into the industry for an aspiring scriptwriter/producer and you will be taught the skills to write and produce an effective commercial to industry standard.

Critical Analysis and Application of Media Work

You will look at the origin, development, theory, practice and production of a selected creative work. You will choose the piece of work to study, then carry out an in-depth analysis of how the project came about, where possible interviewing the creator and/or those involved in the creation, tracking its path from idea to final product. This enables you to consider the decisions taken, the roads not taken, and the successes and failings of the work. Study focuses on the link between creative talent and business skills.

Managing the Creative Group

Managing people within the creative industries is key to success, and this module focuses on how to manage and foster entrepreneurship, individualism, innovation and collaboration. The module uses concepts drawn from the fields of organisational behaviour and human resources that are widely used in the workplace.

The Media and the Law

This module teaches the importance of intellectual property law and basic knowledge of the principles which protect rights in creative activity. It is not intended to be a substitute for a legal qualification or for consulting a lawyer when needed, but it will enable you to find your bearings in a complex field and feel empowered when dealing with ideas and their creators.

Year 3

Creative Industry Commission

This module is a test of your learning to date, and of the industry insight gained from your placement in the summer after the end of Year 2. You will work in groups to develop a new product which meets industry standards.

Major Creative Project - Development 

This is the first part of your final major project, allowing you to create a media or performance project of your own to be showcased at the Regent's Arts Festival. Each stage of the process - from artistic conception and creative use of technology to business planning and marketing - shows how ideas can be turned into successful enterprises, and draws on the principles and strategies learned in previous modules. This is your chance to show what you can do with close tutoring support and guidance and a completely free rein to your imagination.

Major Creative Project - Completion 

This final module follows on from the Development of a Major Creative Project module, and is a summation of your entire learning in every module up to this point. It is also a test of your skills, enterprise, judgement and maturity. You will complete the media or performance project begun in the previous module and document the production process in a written paper or multi-media presentation that sets out the development route, and makes an honest, self-reflective analysis of what has been learned. The module gives you the opportunity to refine and prove your skills in conception, planning, analysis, documentation, realisation and presentation. It represents the highest achievement you can produce on a creative or media degree.

Present and Future Skills

This module explores the future of the industry and reflects on the skills which will be in demand over the next 20 years. You will use the skills, experiences, knowledge and research gained over the preceding terms to predict new avenues of growth in the industry. This last module, alongside Completion of the Major Creative Project, is the appropriate point to examine and evaluate the future of the industry, and you are expected to display imagination, foresight and realism in projecting and predicting the future and your role.

Last updated: 31 October 2018