Support Study Abroad

The Study Abroad & Exchange (SAE) team at Regent’s University London has supported students to study abroad in amazing locations with our high profile partners. These students have benefitted from the opportunities for professional and personal development studying abroad offers and made global connections along the way.

So we can keep providing this opportunity as effectively as possible and support social mobility, we are proud to support Universities UK International’s #SupportStudyAbroad and Universities UK’s #GoIntl campaigns, pledging to expand and make as accessible as possible a range of outward mobility options to our students.

Below you can read some of our student’s testimonials in support of the benefits of studying abroad. You can also help us to boost the awareness of its importance by sharing your own experiences, thoughts and photos on social media.
Research suggests that the benefits of study abroad include:

  • Increasing of employability opportunities after graduation,
  • Improving academic skills through looking at subjects from other cultural and regional perspectives,
  • Developing confidence in both academic and personal life,
  • Providing the opportunity to live, work and expand personal and professional networks in a new country,
  • Developing global citizenships and leaders.

The world is getting smaller through the advancement of technology, yet is increasingly becoming less accessible due to political changes, so we at Regent’s University London are proud to continue to prepare our graduates to become ‘tomorrow’s leaders’ by giving them a world class education and the opportunity to experience the world as it really is. 
Read the Support Study Abroad Information for students to find out how you can take action!

Testimonial - Zoe Antoniou

Deakin University
Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

Zoe studied BA (Hons) Film, TV and Digital Media Production and spent one term studying abroad at Deakin University, in Victoria, Australia.

'I'd always wanted to go to Australia and so just being there was something amazing in itself. Growing up in and around London (or a big city) definitely gave me an edge. Walking around Melbourne was just a warmer London or New York, either that or I was just destined to live in Australia.'

'I gained a lot of leadership skills, from already living a vaguely separate life from my family at home, being on the opposite side of the world didn't feel any different. I realised that for my roommates and international friends, this was their first time being away from their families so I taught a fair few people how to cook and just cope with living by themselves. Essentially, within the first month I had become a mother to my entire floor.' 

'It was the best experience I've had in my life and I'll be forever grateful to Regent’s for allowing me to have that opportunity. I made some really close and life-long friends.'

Testimonial - Gabriela Ilizarova

Gabriela studied BA International Business with French and Finance and spent two terms studying abroad at Dauphine University in Paris, France.

'I got lucky with my professors who were very passionate about their fields and professionals in terms of providing the lectures and assessments.'

'A study period abroad is definitely not only about studies. It's also about exploring the city and squeezing the most out of it. Paris is one of the richest cities when it comes to cultural heritage and gastronomy. Do not miss the opportunity of leaving your house to amaze your eyes and taste buds!'

'My study period was a great experience which has allowed me to expand my knowledge, overcome numerous obstacles and find a new comfort zone.'