Vanessa Reber

Postgraduate Finance Alumna

Vanessa Reber

Vanessa graduated from Regent’s in 2019 and has already been nominated for a UK Rising Star Award 2020. 

Vanessa Reber in a classroom at Regent's University London

The award focuses on the achievements of women below senior management and seeks to recognise the next generation of future female leaders.

Vanessa was nominated after taking part in Regent’s mentorship programme. The scheme pairs students with relevant industry experts to provide valuable insights and career guidance.

‘For me, the mentoring programme was one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities that helped me to identify and map out my career goals.

‘My mentor was incredible and brought a rare combination of agility, insights and technical expertise. To be nominated by such a highly respected person, and for an award that supports the female pipeline, is a huge honour.’

Before joining Regent’s, Vanessa worked in finance at UBS and a Singapore-based research firm partner for professional investors. She decided to undertake a MSc in finance as she believed it would help accelerate her financial career.

‘I wanted to benefit from international opportunities and work across the globe as a management consultant, and I knew a master’s degree in finance from a London university would facilitate such ends.’

She chose to study MSc Finance at Regent’s because of its specialist pathway structure, careers service, valuable industry links and alumni networks.

‘What I found unique about Regent’s MSc programme is that the contents is similar to a classical finance masters but more focused on quantitative research and analytical aspects with the additional benefit of a tailored specialism.’

During her studies, Vanessa was also a student representative and helped trial a new CESIM business simulation platform, which will be offered to future postgraduate students at Regent’s.