Pre-Sessional Course

Programme details

  • Duration: 4 - 24 weeks
  • Fee: £1,665 - £7,200 (depending on course duration)

Pre-Sessional Course Online

This course follows a similar structure and methodology to our face-to-face Pre-sessional English Course but classes are delivered online, with students from all over the world joining from their countries.

Lessons are delivered live by Regent’s English language teachers through an online platform.

Morning session: 9:15 – 12:30 UK time

Afternoon session: 13:30 – 15:00 UK time

On the online platform students can interact with the teacher and their classmates in real time. There are communicative activities, discussions, group work and pair work.

As soon as the University re-opens, this course will switch to face-to-face delivery at Regent’s University London Campus.

Pre-Sessional Course Overview

The pre-sessional programme is designed specifically for students who currently hold an offer for a degree programme at Regent’s University London, or any other UK-based institution. It provides an overview of academic culture in the UK, develops general and academic English and explores different types of academic assessment. Upon successful completion of the course, students can progress directly to their chosen degree course at Regent’s provided they have met the course requirements. All students are tested and receive a certificate detailing their CEFR band in each of the skills.

Students on this course have access to extra-curricular activities provided by Regent’s University London (e.g. trips to London sights, English conversation club, sports, taster lectures etc.) as well as the University's facilities (Regent’s library and self-study areas, refectory, café etc.)


Applying to study at Regent's is a quick and easy process. We accept direct applications and have no formal application deadlines.

*New fees will apply to courses starting in August 2019. Please contact us for more information.

 2019/20 fees

These fees will apply for courses starting from August 2019.

 Duration  Fees
 4 weeks  £1,710
 8 weeks  £2,930
 12 weeks  £4,170
 16 weeks  £5,460
 20 weeks  £6,710
 24 weeks  £7,790

This course covers academic reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as a number of academic skills (study skills, note-taking, presentation skills etc.) in order to prepare students for a degree level course at Regent’s or another institution in an English speaking country.

All students take a placement test on the first day of the course, followed by regular progress tests and mock exams. Teachers give continuous feedback on students’ progress. There are regular one-to-one tutorials which give students the opportunity to revise their learning goals and discuss their strengths and areas for improvement.

For this course, we have a maximum class size of 15. This allows students to benefit from a personalised and interactive learning environment.

Course Structure

Monday to Friday - Week 1-8 (22.5 hours per week)

9:15 – 11:00 - Class

11:00 – 11:15 - Break

11:15 – 12:30 - Class

12:30 – 13:30 - Lunch Break

13:30 – 15:00 - Class

Monday to Friday - Week 9-24 (20 hours per week)

9:15 – 11:00 - Class

11:00- 11:15 - Break

11:15 – 12:30 - Class

12:30 – 13:30 - Lunch Break

13:30 – 14:30 - Class

For courses longer than 8 weeks, in the second part of the course number of hours is reduced slightly, as students are expected to do more independent work in the library.

The 20 and 24 week courses both include an intensive English course. The structure is as follows:

  • 20 weeks: 4 weeks of intensive English, 16 weeks of Pre-Sessional course
  • 24 weeks: 8 weeks of intensive English, 16 weeks of Pre-Sessional course

Please note there are no classes on the following dates:

Christmas 2019: Friday 20 December 2019 – Monday 6 January 2020
New Year’s Day: 1 January 2020
Good Friday: 10 April 2020
Easter Monday: 13 April 2020
Early May Bank Holiday: 8 May 2020
Spring Bank Holiday: 25 May 2020
Summer Bank Holiday: 31 August 2020
Christmas 2020: dates TBA

Please note that we do not offer any refunds for bank holidays, or other pre-scheduled days when the Centre is closed.

Download the pre-sessional entry criteria.

    Please note the minimum age for students wishing to join these courses is 16 years old.

    Regent's University London entry requirements for degree programmes

    • Foundation 5.5 (with a min. of 5.5 in each skill)
    • Undergraduate 6.0 (with a min. of 5.5 in reading and writing and 5.5 in listening and speaking)
    • Postgraduate 6.5 (with a min. of 6.0 in each skill)

    As part of your application, you are required to submit the following supporting documents:

    • A scan or photo of the ID page of your passport
    • Proof of your English proficiency

      This course aims to help you improve your English as preparation for studying a full degree course at Regent’s University London.

      English is a global language, used in a business context in many parts of the world. Learning how to speak, understand, read and write English may improve your career prospects, not just in majority English-speaking countries, but worldwide. Not only this, but more than one billion people worldwide can speak English. Learning it yourself gives you the ability to communicate with new people across the globe.

      Enrolment Agreement

      •    I understand that I need to supply a passport copy (or ID copy for EU citizens) and colour photograph to [email protected] 
      •    I understand I will not receive a Student ID card on arrival if I do not submit a colour photograph one week prior to course start date
      •    I understand that in order to have my application processed, I need to pay a deposit
      •    I certify that the information I supplied on my application form is correct
      •    I certify that the information I supplied on my level is correct
      •    I have received and understand all of the programme costs. I agree to pay the balance of fees on (or before) the first day of class
      •    I understand that my passport will be checked when I arrive at the school and it is my responsibility to have the right visa
      •    I understand that I will take an English test when I arrive at the school. I will be placed in the best level for my ability based on those tests. There are no classes on test days
      •    I understand the Cancellation Policy as outlined below
      •    I understand it is my responsibility to organize medical and other insurance for my stay in the UK (RILC does not provide this)
      •    I authorise qualified medical diagnosis and treatment of injury to the student and authorise release of medical information for treatment and insurance purposes. I understand that I am responsible for medical expenses outside the limits of any applicable medical insurance and that pre-existing health conditions are not covered by health insurance
      •    I understand that I am responsible for all expenses, including personal expenses whilst attending RILC. I authorise RILC to release information regarding my studies to my sponsoring agency or my guardian. I also authorise any appropriate medical centre or personnel to examine and / or treat me for any illness/injury I incur while a student at the school
      •    I understand that I will be issued a handbook on arrival which outlines the policies and procedures of the school. I will read and follow the procedures as set out in the guidelines

      Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy

      •    All fees must be paid two weeks prior to course start date
      •    The course deposit and housing fee is non-refundable
      •    Fees paid are refundable if you cancel two weeks prior to the beginning of the course (with the exception of course deposit and housing application fee)
      •    You may change or cancel your homestay/private home with two weeks’ notice only with bookings of more than 4 weeks. Students who wish to cancel accommodation in student residences will be charged the cancellation rates of the residence. Ask the school for details
      •    Refunds will be sent to the student or guardian normally within thirty (30) days. Post and bank fees will be deducted if applicable
      •    No refunds will be given once the course has started

      Other related policies

      •    Attendance Policy
      •    Student Charter
      •    Student Code of Conduct
      •    Student Complaints Policy
      •    Student Disciplinary Policy
      •    Student Disability Policy
      •    Under 18s Safeguarding Policy

      Class information 

      •    Please note all our classes have a maximum of 15 students

      Apply now

      When would you like to begin studying?

      Start date Duration Fees Apply
      20 weeks £6,710 Apply
      16 weeks £5,460 Apply
      12 weeks £4,170 Apply
      24 weeks £8,025 Apply
      8 weeks £2,930 Apply
      20 weeks £6,910 Apply
      4 weeks £1,710 Apply
      16 weeks £5,625 Apply
      12 weeks £4,295 Apply
      8 weeks £3,020 Apply
      4 weeks £1,760 Apply

      Ambre Vochelet, France

      ‘Studying in London gave me the opportunity to immerse into English culture, and as a result my English improved very quickly.' Ambre Vochelet, France