Amparo Lallana

Director (Content) Languages

Professional biography

Amparo Lallana is the Director of the Regent’s Languages and Culture content area, where she leads a team of 20 staff teaching nine world languages, EAP, and cultural and intercultural communication modules. 

An Associate Professor in Spanish with solid experience in teaching and academic management, she has held the roles of Head of the Languages and Cross-cultural Studies Department as well as Programme Director for the BA (Hons) International Business at Regent’s University London. Amparo teaches Advanced Spanish and Intercultural Communication (UG/PG) and has contributed to various other modules across the university. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has an MA in Translation.

Amparo is a founding member of ELEUK, the Association for the Teaching of Spanish in Higher Education in the UK, which she chaired until 2019. She has taught in Spain and worked for the New York Board of Education in the US; her industry experience includes setting up a Language School in Spain and professional translation in a variety of fields.

Amparo has published on language-related areas such as the impact of Study Abroad beyond language acquisition or employability skills supported through language learning. Other publications deal with learners’ engagement with Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) and Online Intercultural Exchanges (OIEs). Her current research is on the development of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) for foreign language teachers and learners. 


  • MA Translation, Middlesex University, London, 1996
  • CAP (PGCE equivalent) Institute of Education (ICE), Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 1983
  • BA English Philology, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 1982
  • Certificate of Teaching Spanish for Business, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain, 1998

Relevant past employment

  • 2019-10  Interim Director, Regent’s Institute of Languages and Culture, Regent’s University London 
  • 2015-19: Subject Group Leader in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, RILC
  • 2014-15: Pathway Leader in Spanish and Portuguese, RILC
  • 2012-14: Acting Programme Director, BA International Business, Regent's University London
  • 2012: Acting Head of Department, Languages and Cross-cultural Studies, Regent's University London 
  • 2005-12: Pathway Leader in Spanish and Portuguese, Regent's University London
  • 1995-05: Lecturer in Spanish and Cross-cultural Studies, Regent's University London
  • 1994-1996: Visiting Lecturer in Spanish, Imperial College, Instituto Cervantes and Middlesex University, London, UK
  • 1987-94: CEO and Teacher of Spanish & EFL at Inglés Express® Language Services, Burgos, Spain
  • 1986-87: Teacher of Spanish and ESL, DeWitt Clinton High School, New York City Board of Education, NY, USA
  • 1984-86: Language Services provider (teaching, translating, interpreting), Pepsi.Co.Spain, Burgos, Spain


  • Lallana, A., & Salamanca, P (2020) “Intercultural communicative competence in L2 Spanish: guidelines for teacher training programmes, Journal of Spanish Language Teaching, DOI: 10.1080/23247797.2020.1847399
  • Lallana, A., & Salamanca, P (Forthcoming/2020) “Intercultural Communicative Competence in Spanish L2: implications for teacher training” in Ramos, C and I Iglesias, (eds), in La competencia comunicativa intercultural en español LE/L2: fundamentación teórica, práctica de aula y formación del profesorado/Intercultural Communicative Competence in Spanish L2: theoretical foundation, classroom practice and teacher training. Volumen monográfico del Journal of Spanish Language Teaching, 7
  • Lallana, A., Hernández Martín, L., & Fuertes Gutiérrez, M (2020). (eds). Five years of the ELEUK conference: a selection of short papers from 2019.
  • Lallana, A. & Salamanca, P (2019) “#CulturaTándem, colaboración en línea e investigación en lengua extranjera para el desarrollo de destrezas profesionales”, In Ramos, Carmen y Salamanca, Pilar (eds.) Competencias en el aula de de español como lengua extranjera en contextos universitarios y profesionales. Actas del Congreso Internacional UniPro 2018. München: Hochschule für Angewandte Sprachen SDI München. Kindle Edition ASIN: B07V3FMWP1
  • Lallana, A. & Salamanca, P (2017 forthcoming) #CulturaTándem, preparing students for today's multicultural societies; A virtual exchange between the Regent’s University London and the University of Applied Languages SDI Munich, In Gross-Dinter, U., Feuser, F. and Ramos Méndez-Sahlender, C. (eds), Zum Umgang mit Migration, Zwischen Empörungsmodus und Lösungsorientierung, Munich
  • Lallana, A., & Pastor-González, V. (2016). Spanish for business: a journey into employability. In E. Corradini, K. Borthwick and A. Gallagher-Brett (Eds), Employability for languages: a handbook (pp. 155-160). Dublin:
  • The Penguin Spanish Phrasebook (4th ed.), (2013) with Norman, J. et al, Penguin
  • Lallana, A. “Prácticas de colaboración y comunicación mediada por ordenador (CMO): en la clase de ELE” (2011) in MarcoELE, no.13, pp.112-121.
  • Lallana, A., & Mannix, R. (2008) “Assessing and Integrating the benefits of Study Period Abroad Programs in International Business with Languages Undergraduate Degrees: A Case Study of The European Business School London” (2008) in Quality Assurance in Higher Education: An Anthology of Best Practice, Proceedings of the 2nd Athens International Conference on University Assessment, Hellenic American Union, pp. 113-129.
  • Lallana, A., & Müller, J. (2001) “Circles or Squares? Straddling Intercultural sensitivity and Bottom-Line Profit” (2001) in Poetics and Praxis of Languages and Intercultural Education, Proceedings of the conference at Leeds Metropolitan University, December 1999, edited by Killick, D., Perry, M., and Phipps, A. University of Glasgow French and German Publications / Centre for Language Study Leeds Metropolitan University, Vol. II, pp.15-24.

Other Outputs

  • Academic Advisor for Study Abroad in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Language consultancy services to the University of Westminster

Conference Papers Given

  • ‘Odd couples or dynamic duos - reflecting on cross-departmental teaching’, with G. Yeats, Learning and Teaching Conference, Regent’s University London, UK; May 2019.
  • ‘#CulturaTandem, Internationalisation and employability through virtual exchange’, Learning and Teaching Conference, Regent’s University London, May 3, 2018.
  • ‘#CulturaTandem, research and citizenship in telecollaboration’, Unicollaboration Conference: Telecollaboration and virtual exchange across disciplines: in service of social inclusion and global citizenship, Pedagogical University (Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny), Krakow, Poland, April 2018.
  • ‘#CulturaTándem: colaboración online para la investigación en lengua extranjera y el desarrollo de destrezas profesionales’, with P. Salamanca, Congreso Internacional UniPro: Enseñanza de español como lengua extranjera en contextos universitarios y profesionales; University of Applied Languages-SDI Munich, Germany, February 2018.
  • “Reframing language learning: the employability question”, with V. Pastor-González at Regent’s Learning & Teaching Conference, June 2017
  • “Articulating an employability narrative for Modern Languages Modules, a case study”, with V. Pastor-González at the PedRIO Conference, Employability in the Curriculum and Beyond, Plymouth, January 2017.
  • “Journey into employability”, Encuentro ELE-UK2016, UK Association for the Teaching and Learning of Spanish in Higher and Adult Education, University of Reading, 24th June 2016
  • “Twitter, ab initio (desde el principio)”, Encuentro ELE-UK2015, UK Association for the Teaching and Learning of Spanish in Higher and Adult Education, University of Nottingham, 12th June 2015.
  • “The CV is only the tip of the iceberg: Embedding employability in language modules” with V. Pastor-González & O. Helly at the Languages & Employability Conference, Regent’s University London, 5th June 2015
  • “Comunicación mediada por ordenador (CMO): prácticas de competencia escrita”, with V. Pastor-González, M. Paolucci & E. Lecumberri, 1er Encuentro para profesores de centros universitarios y de centros formadores de ELE de Londres, Regent’s College, June 2011.
  • “Computer-mediated Communication (CMC) in Foreign Languages”, Learning & Teaching Project, LTC, Regent’s College, May 2011.
  • "A study of students' engagement with interactive tools in the language class", 31st ACIS Conference Association of Contemporary Iberian Studies, Roehampton University, London, September 2010.
  • “Integration of Study Period Abroad into Students’ Final Year”, Learning & Teaching Project, Regent’s College, LTC, May 2007.
  • “Academic Usage of the Study Period Abroad”, Learning & Teaching Project, Regent’s College, LTC, May 2005.
  • “Circles or Squares? Straddling Intercultural sensitivity and Bottom-Line Profit” with J. Müller , IALIC Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, December 1999

Research Supervision

2nd supervisor - MA in Intercultural Communication at SDI Munich (Germany) 

Research Interests

Amparo is currently researching on the development of Intercultural Communicative Competence for L2 teachers. Other research interests are collaborative learning in virtual teams, the role of languages in graduates’ employability, digital literacy and the languages and cultures of the world. 

Professional affiliation(s)/accreditation

  • Chair of ELE-UK, Association for the Teaching and Learning of Spanish in Higher Education
  • SFHEA - Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2020)

Teaching & Course Development

Current teaching activities: Module Leader of LSP6A1 Spanish for Business, CCS501 Contemporary Intercultural Issues, CCS401 Global Communication skills. Module tutor HUM301 Introduction to Humanities.

Contribution to course development: BAIB Languages for Business modules, Foreign Language modules in the Regent’s Connect portfolio, MA in Teaching and Learning. Revalidation of BAIB and new language modules for the programme.

Module design: LAN601 Language for Professionals, LAN602 Language in the Global World (UG), Mobile Pedagogy (PG)


Amparo is an examiner in the modules she teaches (UG and PG).

She has ample external examining experience (UG/PG) having held this position at Imperial College, City University, University of Durham, Westminster University, and Thames Valley University. She has also been a guest supervisor for MA in Intercultural Communication at the Hochschule für Angewandte Sprachen SDI München (Germany).

A Vetter of Examination Materials, for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, she was until 2020, the UK Administrator and Principal Examiner of the Business Spanish Qualifications awarded by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.