Students throwing their graduation hats


Graduation 2023

Graduation ceremonies for the class of 2023 will take place on 13 and 14 July 2023. The ceremonies will be held at St Marylebone Parish Church, followed by a drinks reception on campus.

If you are a DOMUS student or a guest who will be attending in July 2023, you can find out what to expect on the day here.

If you're a Regent's student who will be graduating this year, you can find out more about what you need to do to prepare on the Beyond Regent's intranet site.

Schedule of ceremonies by course

Thursday 13 July 2023, 10am

BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen
BA (Hons) Film and Screen
BA (Hons) Liberal Arts
BA (Hons) Liberal Studies
BSc Psychology

MA International Relations
MA Media and Digital Communications
MSc Psychology (Conversion)

Thursday 13 July 2023, 1pm

BA Global Management
BA Global Management Top Up Degree

Thursday 13 July 2023, 4pm

BA (Hons) Business and Finance
BA (Hons) Business and Innovation
BA (Hons) Business and Management
BA (Hons) Business and Marketing
BA International Business
BSc (Hons) Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship

MA Enterprise
MA International Business
MA Management
MSc Finance
MSc Finance & Investment

Friday 14 July 2023, 11am

BA Fashion Design
BA Fashion Marketing
BA Interior Design

MA International Fashion Marketing
MA Luxury Brand Management
MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics
MSc Marketing Psychology

Friday 14 July 2023, 3pm

Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy
DPsych Counselling Psychology
MA Business Design
MA Fashion Design
MA Fashion Management
MA Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising
MA in Psychotherapy & Counselling
MA Interaction Design
MA Product Design
MA Urban Vision & Architectural Design
MA Visual Brand Design
MA Luxury Brand Management (Domus)
MA Interior & Living Design
PG Certificate in Existential Psychotherapy
PG Certificate in Higher Education
PG Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy
PhD Research

Your ceremony venue

This year, all graduation ceremonies will take place on Thursday 13 July and Friday 14 July 2023 at St Marylebone Parish Church, 17 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5LT.

Each ceremony will be followed by a reception with drinks and canapés on the Tuke Lawns at Regent’s University London, Inner Circle, London, NW1 4NS.

Responding to your invitation

If you're due to graduate this year, you'll receive all the information you need in your official invitation, which will be emailed to you in Spring 2023. 

Your invitation includes your ceremony date, time and location, and a link to an online booking form where you can confirm your attendance and request your three complimentary guests' tickets. 

Please be aware that you are being invited to graduation on the basis that you are fully awarded a degree following the Progression and Finalist Boards in June 2023. If you don't complete your studies by June 2023, your graduation will be in 2024.

You and your guests are strongly advised to confirm your attendance prior to committing to travel and/or accommodation plans.

Confirm your attendance

You must be logged into your Regent's account to confirm your attendance here.

If you have forgotten your password, please proceed with your account recovery by navigating to the following link

If you’re unable to reset your password and regain access to your account, please contact the IT Service Desk on [email protected] providing your student ID and a phone number to reach you on.

Wippell's Gowning

Academic dress is mandatory at Regent's University London graduation ceremonies and is made up of a robe, hood and hat. The colour and style of these items are dependent on your qualification.

You are required to order a gown from our official gown supplier, Wippell's Gowning. From the web page you will need to select Regent’s University London from the list of universities, then your qualification. You'll receive email instructions with the link to the gown hire booking form.

If you're graduating, you can collect your graduation gown on the day of your ceremony. When you arrive at Regent's, you'll be directed to register and then you'll go to a room where you can put on your gown.

On your graduation day

When you should arrive

Please arrive at Regent's earlier than the start time of your ceremony. If you're graduating, you should give yourself enough time to register, collect your tickets, put on your gown and to make the short walk to the ceremony.

If you're attending as a guest, your tickets will be given to your graduand at the registration desk at Regent's on the day. Guest tickets are not named.

Please arrive at St Marylebone Parish Church at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Any latecomers risk missing their ceremony, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time - we recommend giving yourself at least an hour ahead of your ceremony. 

We do not provide cloakroom facilities on campus. For graduates, we recommend that you leave any personal belongings with family members during the ceremony, or leave your belongings under your allocated seat at your ceremony. Please note, it is your responsibility to look after your things, and we are not liable for the loss of any personal belongings.

Graduates' registration

If you're graduating, when you arrive at the main entrance at Regent's, you'll be asked to register in Herringham Hall.

You will be given a card with your name and seat number on it. Keep this safe, as it's really important. You must sit in the seat you've been given, as this represents your place in the ceremony and when you'll be called up to the stage.

When you're called to walk across the stage, you'll be asked to give the card to one of our graduation team members. 


Once registered, you will be directed to a second room for gowning. You will then make your way to the ceremony at St Marylebone Parish Church.


If you have time before the ceremony, we recommend visiting the photography studios beforehand to have your professional photograph taken. You can also do this after the ceremony.

At the ceremony

Whether you're a graduand or a guest, please arrive at St Marylebone Parish Church at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. If you are late to your ceremony it will start in your absence and you'll risk missing your chance to walk across the stage.

There is no seating plan for guests, so if you're a guest you may sit anywhere apart from the reserved seating area for graduates. If you're a graduating student, you'll find your seat number on the name card you received when you completed registration. 

The Master of Ceremonies will provide graduates and guests with some brief instructions at the start of the event.

Ceremonies are opened by the entrance of the Academic Procession. The Director of Student Experience will declare the ceremony open. There will be a speech from the Vice-Chancellor, before graduands are presented in order of degree course. Remember to stay in your allocated seats until the ceremony ends, to make sure everyone walks across the stage in the right order.

Regent’s University London staff will let you know when it's your turn to walk across the stage.

The Director of Student Experience will declare the ceremony over, after which the Academic Procession will stand and exit.

What happens after the ceremony?

You will be asked to leave row by row after the Academic Procession.

Then you'll make your way to Tuke Lawns, on Regent's campus, for a reception with drinks and canapés. There will be an opportunity for more photographs, and if you're a graduate you'll be asked to return your gown before you leave.


After your ceremony ends, you're invited to a reception with canapés and drinks. The reception will be held at Regent's University London on Tuke Lawns. Only guests with graduation tickets may join this post-ceremony event.

Tempest Photography

Tempest Photography are the official photographers for all Regent's University London graduation ceremonies.

Tempest Photography are contracted by the University and will be available before and after the ceremony. No appointment is required.

  • Tempest Photography will have studios set up on campus at Regent’s University London
  • Photography services are available before and after your graduation ceremony. To avoid disappointment you should arrive early, leaving enough time to register, collect tickets, put on your robe, and have photographs taken
  • You will have the opportunity to join your peers for a group photograph on the Tuke Lawns immediately after the ceremony.


Personalised Regent's University London merchandise will be available to purchase at the reception after your ceremony in the marquee on York Lawns, Regent’s University London.