Student Support

Our Student Support team is here to help you adjust and get the most out of life at Regent’s and in London. We understand that to do well at university, students will often need different kinds of support at different times.

Student Support

Our team offers a comprehensive range of information, support and specialist advice to help you with any matter, whether it is personal, practical or academic. We are here to offer you help and advice whenever you need it.

Personal help and information

You can contact us at any point during your time at Regent’s for:

  • Advice on academic issues - such as difficulties with studying, periods of absence or concerns about your course
  • Help with personal issues, whether it's a quick query or something that needs a more in-depth response
  • Assistance to register with a doctor and find the health services you need
  • Financial information and support such as finding hardship funding
  • Practical information, such as how to get a student travel discount card

Adjusting to life at Regent's

Beginning life at university naturally generates both excitement and anxiety about the move, academic work, meeting new people. Below are some ways we can help.

Adjusting to life at Regent's


Student Achievement

Financial Support

Your safety

Safety advice

Personal Safety

Sexual Consent

Domestic Abuse

Violence and Assault

Health and wellbeing

Good health and wellbeing is central to your academic study and personal development. We aim to support you to enjoy a healthy and balanced life and can refer you to appropriate health-care services at times of ill health. If you find that illness is impacting on your studies, let Student Support know without delay in order for us to help you.

Some medical treatment in the UK is free to all European Union (EU) citizens and full-time students studying for more than six months. To gain your entitlement it is vital that you register with a local NHS doctor via the Student Hub. All students must pay for ophthalmic and dental care on the NHS.

Further Information for overseas visitors is available on the NHS website. The British Council and UK Government websites also provide guidance for overseas visitors. 

Health and wellbeing


Medical and travel insurance

Immigration Health Surcharge (I.H.S.)



Winter Wellbeing