Dr Angels Trias-i-Valls

Director (People)

Professional Biography

Àngels Trias i Valls is an anthropologist with seventeen years of academic research experience in the field of social and cultural anthropology. She received her PhD in Social Anthropology by the Queen's University of Belfast for her work on economic exchange in contemporary Japan. Àngels specialises in economic, visual and gendered anthropology and conducts ethnographic research in Japan and Europe.

Her research within anthropology considers cosmopolitanism, gender, mobility and globalisation, new communication and virtual technologies, open access learning and methods of research. She has published widely on these themes and produced several ethnographic films. Àngels was the pioneer of the first UK e-learning BA and MA in Social Anthropology for the University of Wales. Àngels is a member of several research academic groups, FiLo (Fieldwork in London), Networks of Power (Regent's University London) and Transnational Mobility Research group (Regent's University London).

She is also a member of the Centre/DIG of Sociology, Anthropology and Politics for the Higher Education Academy from whom she was awarded three funding grants for delivering projects on learning and teaching. She also received two C-SAP awards in recognition for her contributions to the discipline of anthropology. Àngels has served in the editorial panel of the Welsh Academic Press for ‘Political Studies' and she is editor of the Open Access Anthropology Journal ‘Dissent and Cultural Politics'. 

Àngels came to Regent's University London to work with the Institute of Contemporary European Studies and she now teaches on research methods, dissertations, anthropology, gender, research skills and cross-cultural communication in global management.


  • PhD Social Anthropology, The Queen's University of Belfast,  1999 
  • Llicenciatura in Anthropology (BA/MA), University of Barcelona, 1992
  • Multimedia Development (Flash and Authorware) Atzek Multimedia. London for UW Lampeter , 2004
  • Staff Development: Quality Assurance, Teacher Training, Learning Technologies. Aberystwyth, University of Wales.  2002, 2003, 2007
  • Tutor Training In Higher Education. Teaching Small Groups. Staff Development QUB, Belfast, 2000
  • Film and Media Production Degree. Centre de la Imatge. Barcelona, 1991

Relevant Past Employment

2010, Visiting Lecturer in Anthropology RACL, Regent's University London
2009, Seasonal Anthropology Lecturer Birkbeck College, University of London  
2008 – 2010, Senior Research Assistant Institute of Contemporary European Studies, Regent's University London 
2000 – 2008, Fulltime Lecturer in Social Anthropology. University of Wales, Lampeter.  
1999 – 2000, PartTime Lecturer in Social Anthropology. LSB College, Dublin   
2000, Learning Technologist for Introducing Anthropology. Queen's University, Belfast  
2000, Learning Technologist for Medical Anthropology. UC Lancashire, Preston  
1997 – 2000, Teaching assistant in Social Anthropology. Queen's University, Belfast

Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

  • Member of  RAI, The Royal Anthropological Institute 
  • Research Affiliation, Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa. University of Tokyo, Japan.
  • Member of EASA, ASA European Association Social Anthropologists, Association of Social Anthropologists.
  • Member of C‐SAP  Center for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics


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  • (2011). ‘Consenting to Gender and Sexuality in Anthropology: ‘Queer' bodies and the role of ‘fantasy' and ‘desire' in the curriculum' in Teaching Gender in the 21st Century. CSAP Monographs. University of Birmingham.

Other Outputs

  • UK-wide Open Education Resources programme [UKOER] collaborating with JISC [Joint Information Systems Committee) and the Higher Education Academy project to enable higher education institutions, consortia and individuals to share learning materials freely online, adopting a critical social science perspective.
  • Institute of Contemporary European Studies (iCES) at Regent's College. Edited Volumes and Conference support projects, 2008-2010.
  • Multimedia for Anthropology – Anthropology Projects, 2008-ongoing  Anthropology-projects.co.uk

Conference Papers Given

  • (2007). “Your Love is Too Sweet, My Valentine: Subjectivity and Emotions on Valentine's Day in Japan” Department of Anthropology. Anthropology Departmental Seminar Durham.
  • (2007). “Discriminate' Exchanges: ‘town making' and the politics of inclusion in a Japanese rural town” Nissan Seminar Series. University of Oxford.
  • (2007). “Introducing Fetish Queer Bodies in the curriculum:  Consenting to Gender and Sexuality in Anthropology”. Teaching Gender in the 21st Century. C‐SAP London.
  • (2007). “Ethnography for all?: interrogating ‘ethnographic pedagogies' in educational and_anthropological practice” in ‘After Ethnography? Anthropology, Education and the ‘Knowledge Economy' Department of Education, University of Oxford
  • (2008). ‘Interrogating Consent and Dominance: ethnicities, citizenship and sexualities in research and teaching' University of Wales, Newtown.
  • (2008). “Exploring consent: transnational borders and the citizenship of the body”. University 
    of Wales, Newtown.
  • (2008). “The Virtual University” University of Birmingham
    (2009). “Interrogating Consent and Dominance: ethnicities, citizenship andsexualities in research and teaching” University of Wales, Newtown.
  • (2009). “Exploring the domain of dominance and power in social science theories”. University of Wales, Newtown.
  • (2009). “Employability after the Crash” University of Birmingham.
  • (2009). Conference Paper “Financial crisis, e_learning and the making of unconventional sites of knowledge: Universities as ‘re_usable' learning objects”. Educations and Social Research Institute, University of Manchester.
  • (2009). ‘Fieldwork in London Network Workshop'. iCES,  Regent's University London and University of Sussex.
  • (2009). Queering Spaces: Voices as Cosmopolitan Materialities – Southwark London. Fieldwork in London Workshop. Regent's University London
  • (2009). “Doing Ethnography across cultures” Regent's University London.
  • (2009). “Research in Practice: ethnography in London”, Regent's University London.
  • (2009). ‘New 'Copy Rights' & New Responsibilities: Shifting The Boundaries Of Peer Reviewing: Open Access Anthropology'. Roles, Eights and Responsibilities: Negotiating Relationships. University of Birmingham.
  • (2009). ‘Motion Sickness: Teaching Sensitive Topics' in Curriculum Development SIG.  Roles, Rights and Responsibilities: Negotiating Relationships. University of Birmingham.
  • (2010).‘Substate Nationalisms in Contemporary Europe' Institute of Contemporary European Studies, Regent's University London.
  • (2010). Europeans with a Difference: Consensus, Distinctivness and the Political Technologies of sub-state. Nationalisms in ‘SubState Nationalisms in Contemporary Europe', iCES, Regent's University London
  • (2010). “Anthropological Responses to the Economic Crisis”. Institute of Contemporary European Studies, Regent's University London.
  • (2010). 'Work and Higher Education in Europe and in the Global Market', iCES, Regent's College.
  • (2010). 'Different times' and other Altermodern possibilities: Filming interviews with children as Ethnographic 'wanderings' at the Association for Social Anthropologist Conference (ASA) on the theme of The Ethnographic Interview. The Queen's University of Belfast, Belfast.
  • (2010). ‘Visual and Digital Anthropology Network' EASA Biennial Conference: Maynooth, Ireland
  • (2010). Seminar Paper ‘Positioning' the self in research: from reflexivity to new sensorial ethnographies' HASS Research Journeys, Regent's College.
  • (2012). ‘everything for a Pound: debt, austerity and 'delayed' spending in High Street discount shops. EASA2012: Uncertainty and disquiet. Nanterre University, France.
  • (2012). ‘Economies of anxiety: economic uncertainty in everyday practice' EASA2012:Uncertainty and disquiet. Nanterre University, France.

Research Supervision

  • Supervised 35 undergraduate students (International Business degree) and 18 MA students (Global Management).

Research Interests

Àngels focus of academic research is on the area of economic anthropology and its intersection with the politics of cultural consent and gendered identities within globalisation processes, cosmopolitanism and citizenship rights. Àngels interests include research on the theme of learning, teaching and research in Higher Education in the UK, with special emphasis on new communication and virtual technologies. Àngels two main ethnographic areas are Japan and Europe although she has also conducted research in Morocco and Malaysia. She is currently conducting research on economic anthropology; European mobility in queer politics; and has plans for two funded research projects on cross-cultural approaches to economies of diving and sensorial ethnographic methodologies.

Grants Awarded

  • 2008 Funding Contract with CSAP (Center for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics). Project title: ‘Interrogating Consent and Dominance: citizenship, ethnicities and sexualities in Research and Teaching'. Postgraduates Project £2500
  • 2008 Award: C‐SAP Anthropology Associate Award £1,000 
  • 2009 Award: Higher Education Academy Excellency Recognition Award in 
  • 2009-2010 Funding Contract C-SAP OER Consortium (Evaluation the Practice of Opening up Resources for Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences) funded under the joint JISC / HEA Open Educaitonal Resources Programme £5,000 University of Birmingham.

Teaching & Course Development

  • 2008, New Europe (Course Leader Nick Bowen) BaM. Invited Lecture on Citizenship
  • 2008, New Europe (Course Leader Nick Bowen) BaM. Invited Lecture on Democracy
  • 2009, Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Management (Course Leader Josef Muller). Invited Lecture on Fieldwork: Doing Research in London
  • 2010 – on-going, Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Management (Course Leader Josef Muller). Invited Lecture on Fieldwork: Doing Interviews for Research. Invited Lecture on Interpretation and Analysis and Referencing
  • 2010 – on-going, Introducing Cultural Anthropology, RACL, Regent's American College London, RC
  • 2012 – on-going, Gender and Sex Roles, RACL, Regent's American College London, RC
  • 2010 – on-going, BUS301 Business Dissertations (Module leader/Supervisor)
  • 2010, BUS403 Business Research Methods (Tutor)
  • 2011, BUS404 Research Skills and Methods (Tutor)
  • 2010 – on-going, SKL7500 Research Skills (Module Leader)
  • 2011, SKL4400 Research Skills (Tutor)
  • 2012, Cross-Cultural Communications (Module Leader – Course Development)
  • 2012, Dissertation Business Project (Module Co-Leader – Course Development)


Àngels has examined 7 PhDs.  She has 1 external PhD examining international university experience. She has served as external examiner for the department of anthropology at Goldsmiths College, University of London for three years. She has also been an external reviewer of ERSC Project Review. She has also reviewed projects for the Higher Education Academy for Sociology, Anthropology, and Politics steering group.